"Sit On My Face"

He ordered. 1
He implored, barely audible. 2

Nina’s expression doesn’t change. 3
Would that turn you on, boob momma? 4
Because I am one horny motherfucker! 5

For another couple of minutes. 6
If you pay me enough. 7
And tell me that you love me. 8
For a bit. 9

Perfectly, he said. 10
Yeah. 11
By accident. 12

Stevie Nicks! 13
“HELL NO!” 14
“Man.” 15
Chorused a third. 16

Anytime. 18

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Full disclosure.

There’s a special place in hell…

Yes, Virginia…

If I weren’t an actor…

Like the man says…

What we talk about when we talk about…

It is a truth universally acknowledged…

Elon Green is a contributing editor to Longform. Photo by Chris Christian.