There's A Special Place In Hell...

For witches.1
For vampires once they’re staked or burned.2
For the Halloween spoilers.3
For puppeteers like Paxton.4

For the systems integrators.5

For a number of Federal court judges,
As I am sure there will be for Members of Congress.6
For non-disabled drivers who sport a handicapped placard on the dash
And park free all day at a downtown metered spot.7


For liars like Golan Cipel.8
For those who remove wood windows.9
For politicians who betray our nation’s most helpless children
For the benefit of a sullen and recalcitrant teacher’s union.10

For the Kaiser, the Clown Prince,
—and those taxi drivers!11
For noblemen who despoiled what peasants had sweated to grow. 12

For this guy.13
For those people.14
For that.15

For people who put together a book this comprehensive,
Then neglect to include an index.16

For Minnie’s married ex-lover.17
For those who violate children.18
For the women who have let men abuse them.19
For women who don’t help other women.20
For people like you.21

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Elon Green is a contributing editor to Longform.