Like The Man Says...

If you try to use booze to solve a problem, 

One day you’re gonna discover that you have two problems.1
It’s one hell of a double act.2

People talk about the joy of sex, 

But it don’t last nothin’ like shootin’ anvils.3
When they lay you on the table, better keep your business clean.4

If it’s out there, it’s in here.5

Show me a love story and I’ll show you a tragedy.6
Eternal vigilance is where it’s at.7
Some days the shit comes down so heavy 

You feel like wearing a hat.8

There aren’t enough Nazis 

For everyone you suspect to possibly be one.9
Nothing brings you down like your hometown.10
No one ever said patience was a deadly quasar.11
It is time to get slammed.12

The boss tells you what to do.
But if you want to know how to do it, you got to ask the mule skinner.13
The rules change 

And you operate within the new rules.14

You can’t make an omelette.15
You gotta have a gimmick.16
Everybody must get stoned.17
You made me what I am today

And you’d bloody well better be satisfied.18
Don’t take life too seriously. 
You’ll never get out of it alive.19

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