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Major Lazer feat. Pharrell Williams, "Aerosol Can"

Now THAT is how you do a lyric video. [Via]


Parquet Courts, "Sunbathing Animal"

Because of the Internet—because of cats, which is more and more frequently the exact same thing—the clip will work even if you don't know what The Replacements' "Bastards of Young" video looked like. (But you probably should.) I am still "eh, either way" on Parquet Courts but my foot did find itself tapping a bit to this one.


Courtney Barnett Sings Some Stuff

The only possible reason I could ever conceive of wishing I were Australian is so that I could say, "Courtney Barnett is a national treasure." I mean, otherwise, gross, the idea of being Australian. But good for them for being the country that gave the world Courtney Barnett. Here she is doing some songs for NPR.


Kevin Drew, "Mexican Aftershow Party"

It may be hard for younger readers to remember this but for a brief moment a little more than a decade ago there was a flurry of interest in the music coming out of Canada, a country which had previously been associated mostly with tediousness, monotony, and the occasional worrying placidity epidemic. At the center of this fleeting perception that there might be more to our neighbor to the north than vast acres of empty wilderness and a geniality so torpid that even boredom grew weary of itself was the collective Broken Social Scene and its album You Forgot It In People, a record which would on reflection prove [...]


Chance The Rapper, "The Writer"

"Oh, wait! I just got it! Like… 'chants."

"Uh huh."

"I will never be able to hear his songs the same way again."

"You're an idiot."



Thee Oh Sees, "Drop"

Okay, I am officially sold on Thee Oh Sees. Also this morning you should be listening to the new tUnE-yArDs number, which sounds to me like a less jaggedy, more soulful Max Tundra track. (That is a compliment to both of them.)


What You Did Instead Of Learning French

This one has been going around the last couple of days, but in case you missed it, here is "a tool… that tells you how much of your life you've spent watching TV." It's not in any way a full accounting, since it only works based on the number of seasons of specific shows you've seen, but if you have, say, watched the entire run of "Cheers" three times (to pick a totally random example that would not at all reflect the viewing patterns of a man of my demographic) you have spent around 27 of your days with the show, which makes the time [...]


Lykke Li, "Gunshot"

I think I might like the idea of a single-serving site dedicated to just a song and its lyrics better than I like the concept in practice? Like, maybe you are doing a song as a whole a disservice by hanging its lyrics out there as the only thing for the eye to focus on, particularly if they are not strong enough to stand on their own and the visual aesthetic is already kind of "high school poetry journal." HOWEVER, when the song is by Lykke Li I can make no complaints, because [...]


The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, "Eurydice"

I was a sucker for the last one and while this doesn't have the same immediate pull there is still enough here of everything that reminds me of the summer of 1987 that I don't feel bad about it sharing it. Enjoy. [Via]


Sigur Rós, "The Rains of Castamere"

I missed last night's "Game of Thrones" so don't spoil it for me! But whatever happened, this Sigur Rós song sounds amazing. Elf incest could never have a more appropriately ominous soundtrack. [Via]


Jamie xx, "Sleep Sound"

This works either with or without visuals, but if you watch the video make sure to read the intro on the clip, which gives things an entirely different dimension. [Via]


Danny Brown, "25 Bucks"

That collaboration between Danny Brown and Megan James from the Purity Ring has a video, which means we are obligated to post it, because Danny Brown.


Girl Talk & Freeway Featuring Jadakiss, "I Can Hear Sweat"

This record seems like it is going to be pretty good. [Via]


Sharon Van Etten, "Taking Chances"

There's all sorts of information on the inspiration for this video here, but watch and listen first before you go fill yourself in. It's pretty incredible on its own, even if you don't get the reference at first. (I know because I didn't. I'm ignorant, sorry.) Anyway, give it a go.


Yuck, "Southern Skies"

This is just so pretty, and so soothing, and so, I dunno, centering. If you're having a rough start to the morning give this a couple of minutes and let yourself start again. I really think it might work. [Via]


Real Estate, "Crime"

Your enjoyment of this clip will probably hinge on how you feel about "funny" videos—or, more appropriately, how you feel about "funny" videos right now. I can take them or leave them, but it seems like I have been hearing Real Estate's "Talking Backwards" everywhere for months now, so it is nice to have something new from them, and also what with today's gloomy spring rain, the band's "side two of Murmur" sound is actually a pretty good accompaniment to the atmosphere. There is also some "funny" if that is your sort of thing, but I guess just wait for the music if not. [Via]


Eels, "Mistakes Of My Youth"

When I am in one of my more positive frames of mind I like to tell myself to focus on how remarkable it is that Eels have actually been able to be as big as they are rather than wondering what it says about the world that they aren't bigger. Either way, I am glad they're still at it. Sometimes just sticking around is a victory. Enjoy. [Via]


Lykke Li, "No Rest for the Wicked"

2014's album of the year comes out on May 6th and I for one cannot wait.


Walter Martin Feat. Matt Berninger, "We Like The Zoo ('Cause We're Animals Too)"

Apparently everyone from The Walkmen has a solo record coming out (see also) and I have not been disappointed by any of them thus far. We're All Young Together "drops" next month. The title track with Alec Ounsworth sounds like a terrific Andrew Bird outtake, the Karen O. number is great… I cannot ever remember being less antagonistic to "family-friendly folk music." It's really something.


The Emperors Of Wyoming, "Rebirth Of The Cool"

You don't have to know the original track from the Afghan Whigs' Uptown Avondale EP to enjoy this countryish cover from Butch Vig's new band, but why would you want to remain unaware of something that will so clearly make your life a little bit better? WHY I ASK YOU? [Via]