The End of the 00s: All of The End of the 00s

by The End of the 00s

The Wisdom Of The 00's, in blogpost form

We are both in awe of and profound debt to everyone who contributed to our End of the 00s series. I know how much you love it when I get earnest, so I’ll just keep it brief and say that we were overwhelmed by both the willingness of so many people to provide these pieces and the quality of the material they gave to us. Anyway, because of the vagaries of the holiday weekends and our brilliant idea to switch servers in the middle of a gigantic, ongoing project, it’s a pretty fair bet that you missed at least one of the 49 essays in the series. Here’s a list of every single one of them, which we encourage you to dip into at your leisure; there is almost certainly something here for everyone. Enjoy.

A Guide to the Unmonuments of New York, by Joy Garnett

A Party In Iran, by Kaila Hale-Stern

A Personal Chronology of the Last Decade Organized Around My Blackouts, by Rod Townsend

Augustine’s Second Cat, by Julie Klausner

Bad for Humanity, but Great for Horror, by Melissa Lafsky

Buffy, Season Five, Episode 22, ‘The Gift’, by Dan Kois

Chains of Fools, by Maura K. Johnston

Decade of Suck, by Regina Schrambling

Down Under the George Washington Bridge Overpass, by Matthew Gallaway

Everybody in His or Her Own Life Needs a Hobby, by Matt Ealer

Family Business, by Cord Jefferson

Hope You Enjoyed Your Brush With Rock ’n’ Roll, by Leon Neyfakh

Horrible Decade of Constant Terror Doesn’t Officially End Until the World Does, In 2012, by Ken Layne

How To Lose Your Idealism In Under Ten Years, by Natasha Vargas-Cooper

Imagined Responses to Four Emails That I Sent, To Which I Have Not Yet Received a Reply, 2000–2009, by Juli Weiner

Is Three Still A Trend?, by Josh Wimmer

Listicle Without Commentary: The 348 Best Reality Television Shows of the 00s, In Order, by Jon Caramanica

Made in New York, by Joel Johnson

Me Me Me, By the Numbers, by Logan Sachon

New Year’s Eve and the Rise of the Machines, by Richard Lawson

No One Would Have Blamed Her For Changing Her Mind, by Dan Shanoff

Noted, Without Noteworthiness, by Rob Walker

Personal Statements, by Luke Mazur

So Lax, by Katie Bakes

Ten Years of Best Picture Suck, by Zachary Woolfe

The Ballad of That Guy From Titus Andronicus (As Told To Matthew Perpetua)

The Best Hoaxes of the Decade, by Val Temple

The Bonds, by Troy Patterson

The Counterfactual 00s, by Rudolph Delson

The Coup, by Eric Spiegelman

The Dance-Off Decade, by Lindsay Robertson

The Debt Regret Matrix, by Jessanne Collins

The Decade In “Netflix Instant Watch,” by Alex Pareene

The Decade in Super Squats, by Hamilton Nolan

The Experience of Dishonorable Debates, by Seth Colter Walls

The Guantanamo Gift Shop, by Spencer Ackerman

The Hollywood Crowd, by Ken Wheaton

The Hunt for lonelygirl15, by Richard Rushfield

The Life of the Party, by Doree Shafrir

The Most American Person of the Decade, by Kaila Hale-Stern

The Most Disturbing Sense Of Gratitude, by Dave Bry

The Naughts: A Progression, by Regina Nigro

The Night We Sneaked Into the Center of the World, by Adriane Quinlan

The Stupid Kids of 1999, by Will Leitch

Tiny Moments of Varying Significance, 2000–2009, by Amy Jean Porter

Top 10 Jobs I Lost This Decade: Failing Up, Sometimes, but Mostly Sideways, by Jackson West

What I Know Now, by Abe Sauer

When the Geeks Took Over, by John Sellers

Why Did We Not Appreciate 2007?, by Sara Vilkomerson