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You're Not A Doctor And Even If You Were You Would Still Suck

I mean, isn't it just amazing how everyone you don't like on the internet has a personality disorder you can diagnose from your laptop?

— ☹ Alex Alvarez ☹ (@soalexgoes) April 14, 2014

This woman is correct. Everybody on the Internet sucks, and your thinking you can identify the medical basis for everyone's suckishness vaults you to the front of the first float in the cavalcade of platforms passing by for the Suck Parade. Stop sucking.


Turn Your Blog Into A Book: The Next Generation

"When someone orders a #PermanentRetweet that they didn’t write themselves, I’m giving two-thirds of the purchase price to the original tweeter."


Selfie Errors

"Thousands of pounds donated as part of the '#nomakeupselfie' craze were sent to Unicef instead of Cancer Research UK by mistake, the BBC has learned. More than £2m has been raised after the craze of taking a self-portrait with no make-up spread virally. But those texting 'DONATE' rather than 'BEAT' found their money sent to the wrong charity. Others accidentally enquired about adopting a polar bear from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)."


Sometimes The Internet Is Okay


— Jenny Holzer, Mom (@JennyHolzerMom) March 17, 2014

Guess who's back?


Your Bros: What Social Network Do You Use To Chat With Them Now?

"Twitter is not just a social network for chatting with your bros anymore."


Biz Stone Is 40

Remember how, back when Google co-founder Sergey Brin turned 40, we noted that the occasion offered an opportunity for "those of us over 40 [to] feel confirmed in our own senses of failure in life," and gave "those of us who have not yet turned 40… however many years until we do to have our failures in life confirmed"? Well, that is true again today—although to a lesser extent because Twitter—as Christopher Isaac "Biz" Stone, who had a hand in the microblogging service, reaches the same landmark. What are you doing?


Platonic Ideal Of Twitter Exchange Achieved

It's Monday!


Asses At Rest Tend To Stay At Rest: Study

"[M]ost of us don’t tweet or post at all while we’re plopped in front of the tube. When we do, half the time we’re talking about something other than TV. And social media conversation is far weaker than traditional factors, like TV commercials for new shows or our sheer laziness in changing channels, in prompting us to tune into each season’s new offerings."


Dr. Ruth: Nobody Does It Better (It Being Twitter)

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, Feministing executive director and Planned Parenthood global communications specialist Lori Adelman tells us more about what it’s like to chill with Dr. Ruth.

Another Tuesday, another selfie with the subversively cheeky Dr. Ruth :) #365feministselfie cc @AskDrRuth @PPActionNJ

— Lori Adelman (@Ladelman) March 18, 2014

Lori! So what happened here?

Dr. Ruth was delivering the keynote at a fundraising dinner for the New Jersey chapter of the nonprofit where I work, which I’d been asked to attend on behalf [...]


Killing @

"On its own, killing @ is a small move. Few other social media networks use @ as a way of indicating who you're talking to. But at Twitter, @ is at the core of a crucial debate within the company about how to get Twitter's user-base growing again. Some people — including CEO Dick Costolo — think the shorthand codes used on Twitter may be deterring new users from joining the site. Unless you already know what they mean, terms like @, #, RT, MT and #FF are meaningless."


Writing In Public

Hamilton Nolan's stern post on Gawker, "Twitter is Public," spoke the thoughts of many a journalist yesterday. Those who write for a living (and are therefore themselves occasionally trussed, spit and taken for a spin on the rotisserie of public opinion) can't help but goggle in disbelief that the concept of "public" can be misunderstood. Journalists think about this all the time because the right to report and publicize has often been under attack, such as when the police try to stop someone recording or filming in the street, or when a celebrity or politician objects to the publication of public information, or when [...]


How To Tell If You're On Black Twitter

"Catchy hashtags are a hallmark and give clues that the tweeting in question is a Black Twitter thing." [Related]


You Are What You Tweet

Are you what you tweet? Let's say yes. Using Tweetails, we obtained the data of most-used words for different Twitter accounts. Some groupings began to suggest themselves. Certainly, some unflattering self-portraits emerged.

Sir Mix-A-Lot

Justin Bieber

Tina Brown

Nick Denton


Chef Burnt

.@gzchef @Storyful I was official photog for Reagan too. He also wore casual clothes on weekends in the Oval Office.

— petesouza (@petesouza) March 3, 2014

In which long-time White House photographer Pete Souza corrects idiot Reagan-worshipping celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian on the issue of Barack Obama wearing weekend clothes. Now you know where not to eat.


You Know What Cuban Twitter Is, Right?

Look, lots of people in the late '90s had bands called The Miami Relatives, but I am proud to say that I am the only one I know who named his band Marisleysis. Anyway, now I am old and feeble and can barely mount the effort to rise up from bed each morning, but I like to think that if I were still someone inspired to start band today I would call mine Cuban Twitter.


You Got Medium (And Facebook!) In My Twitter

Twitter is toying with a new mobile app layout: (h/t @TheKyleCowan)

— Eli Langer (@EliLanger) March 27, 2014

Everything looks more and more the same, and that's a bad thing, both aesthetically, editorially and even financially. The "mobile first" panic is reshaping the web, and that's a shame.

PS, RIP "retweet." Oh also? Welcome to Twitter photo-tagging. :/


April Fools' Day Reminder

Internet: There is still plenty of time to consider not posting that hilarious April Fools’ Day prank you’ve been working so hard on.

— Jason Santa Maria (@jasonsantamaria) March 18, 2014

This man is right. There is nothing funny you can do for April Fools' Day and even if you think you are somehow special or you've come up with the one exception that when properly executed will actually make people change their opinions about the humor of April Fools' Day gags you're not and you haven't and seriously go fuck yourself because April Fools' Day bits are the worst and they first make us all feel bad [...]


The Know: How Do You Show People You're In It?

noticing more: everyone tweeting about a topic but not linking to it. to discuss w/o the link demonstrates being "in the know". exclusionary

— nathanjurgenson (@nathanjurgenson) March 13, 2014

Are you "too cool to link"? I bet you are. I mean, I know you think you're pretty cool, it seems like something you would do to show the world exactly how cool. You're "no link cool," aren't you? Well, we're all really impressed.


What To Do When Freaks Go Haywire On You On Twitter

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, IAVA digital engagement director and Tech LadyMafia co-founder Aminatou Sow tells us more about some jerks who sought out something in her archived tweets and then used it to annoy and bother her on Twitter.

No! Conservative twitter found a Wendy Davis picture I shared in June and is ruining my life rn. This is a snaxx and beyonce feed. Go away.

— Aminatou Sow (@aminatou) February 12, 2014

Amina! So what happened here? So June 26, 2013: momentous day in lady history! [...]


Instruction Against Extensive Analysis Complied With

Don't overthink @TheEllenShow's #Oscars #selfie:

— Kirsten Salyer (@kirstensalyer) March 3, 2014