What Do Donald Trump's Twitter Faves Say About Your Will To Live?

You tell me.

Image: Esther Vargas

Fact: as off e-press time, the president has only favorited 45 tweets from his personal account. Another fact: He has not faved in 2017. A third fact: He has only faved from this account once since being elected. The very first fave was all the way back in 2010, of a Mika Brzezinski tweet, is about Trump ties.

Here’s a classic Piers Morgan nonce tweet. At the Diamond Jubilee concert, Alfie Boe sang “O Sole Mio,” and possibly threw in the lyrics to the famous advertisement for the ice cream cone of the same name; I do not care to investigate further. Do you think Trump was watching? Do you think Trump likes Cornettos? I like to imagine he does.

Then there’s nothing for a while until 2012, when he briefly had a campaign for office but chose to sit back in the peanut gallery to make a lot of comments on the electoral college and . Here’s an unusual one about the Kennedy Compound?

One wild card is a cute kid in a car:

Obviously people have since found this fave and asked Debbie how she feels about this. Her response makes it pretty clear!

Here’s the one I cant for the life of me understand. Am I misreading this or does this tweet seem…………….critical?????? Of Trump????????? Do you think Trump was doing a Choire Sicha hate-fave?

There’s also a classic, possibly accidental, possibly not, self-fave:

There’s a really good self-fave of a modified retweet (essentially a quote), which expresses, “I love that you love me, thank you for loving me, let me show people I am loved”:

There’s this McKay Coppins tweet about polls, and I genuinely think Trump meant to fave the tweet right before it, where the polls are favoring him, rather than not:

This one is from before Ivanka Trump took over her own social media or at least pretended to and started tweeting in her own voice. Ivanka in the third person penned an op-ed. Posting a tweet about your op-ed with a collage of your life is actually very Trump-ian. The op-ed is about child care. I would love to read an op-ed by Ivanka’s nannies.

Okay this is the one that gets me real good:

It is a trivia question, stated twice. The answer according to the Sunlight Foundation: “Today’s Congress collectively speaks at a 10.6 grade level, down from 11.5 in 2005.” Donald Trump speaks just below a 6th-grade level. You know what, though? It works.

There are only 5 faves from the @POTUS account and four of them are @RealDonaldTrump tweets. But we can partially disregard that because the tweets on that account are done by Dan Scavino Jr.

I cannot account for the faves that were un-faved, but I’m sure they exist. I love to look at people’s faves and speculate what they mean about that person’s state of mind, but also how they view the mysterious purpose of faves, like Facebook posts. What really is a fave? Trump has only faved as many tweets as there have been American presidents. He has never faved one of Melania’s tweets. Who is Debbie Bearce, besides a fierce Trump supporter and Patriots fan? What does it all mean? Barack Obama’s account has ten faves and they read like a laundry list from a bubble: Bill Clinton, Abby Wambach, Shonda Rhimes, The Shriver Report, Wilmer Valderrama, The U.S. Department of Defense, Funny or Die, Nancy Pelosi, Pitchfork, and Hamilton.