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Abstract art and random access memories.

I know I spent much of yesterday bellyaching on the topic of celebrities using social media, but it’s not like they’re going to suddenly stop. So while we’re all here we might as well enjoy ourselves. So here’s a pro tip: unfollow the people who keep retweeting Donald Trump into your feed, and replace them with Val Kilmer. You won’t be disappointed. His Twitter is a mix of tweets about Mark Twain, anecdotes about his heady days mingling with other famous people like Lou Reed and Fifty Cent, and closeup shots of his abstract art — usually some combination of enamel, stencils and spray paint. There’s also a lot of “Val-” portmanteauxing going on.

Kilmer has been producing sculpture and painting for years now, and recently set up a web site where you can purchase limited editions of his creations for extremely reasonable prices. There’s a whole series on the word GOD—Kilmer is a devout Christian Scientist (a few years ago, TMZ reported that he refused treatment for a throat tumor because of his religion, and in 2016, Michael Douglas speculated Kilmer was suffering from the same type of oral cancer he’s had, which Kilmer refuted in a Facebook post. In a radio interview with K-EARTH 101, he said he was suffering from a mysteriously swollen tongue. The radio host says he sounds a little like Marlon Brando, and he quips back that he sounds like Sly Stallone on quaaludes.)

ANYWAY, I’m not here to speculate about Kilmer’s health, I’m here to say, his tweets are Good and entertaining to read. See below:

D’accord, mon vieux.


So flattered.

Tickled how?

Aw, Mick.

I wept, too, Val.

That’s a poem!!!!!!!



Valibu, Valifornia.

I don’t think valodge means what you think it means.

Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait.

And we need Val. Smash that Follow button! He’s only got 183,000 followers.