This Twitter Account Definitely Didn't Predict Beyonce's Pregnancy

But isn’t it pretty to think so?


This afternoon, Beyonce announced that she’s expecting twins with husband Jay Z via an Instagram post. The world being… a bucket of sludge otherwise, people on Twitter are rightfully clinging to the good news as though it might be an omen. Things can still bring us joy! Look! Proof! And this announcement brings with it a few time-honored celebrity implications: these fetuses will most likely grow into babies that will be born and have names, which means there’s at least three good newses to look forward to on top of this one good news we’ve already got (born news, name news, photo-reveal news). At a time when we’re all frantically waiting for signs that our country’s pulse might regulate, here’s a familiar rhythm from our entertainment industry. Favorite singer and newly forgiven mogul husband double down on marriage with new pregnancy. Relief. Our show is still on.

Which brings me to this: @beyoncefan666. It’s an anonymous Twitter run by someone who appears to have correctly foretold of this whole pregnancy announcement back in July.

The account was created in June and is full of predictions that might be explained away as guesses—they “knew” when Lady Gaga would release her next album, and who would win in the presidential election. It’s completely probable that this person tweeted out a ton of guesses while the account had no followers, deleted the ones that didn’t turn out to be true, and then RTed a tweet that happened to be correct from some more public account. But the specificity of “February(2017)” piqued my interest. I was hearing… my own rhythm. The scam rhythm. The “do I like this viral phenomenon?” rhythm.

The tweeter suggests they are an intern at Parkwood Entertainment (Beyonce’s entertainment/management company) and are “low key psychic,” two things some of the best content can be born out of. Underpaid teens bored out of their minds who suspect they may be undiscovered and special are why we keep the internet open for business at all. So one of them running this account sounds plausible. Likely? Maybe not. But still… not unlikely.

And so here I am, dredging through an anonymous account’s follows for signs of who could be behind it. Checking each tweet’s favs and RTs to see if I can spot any patterns. It doesn’t matter what I find, or if I even come to a personal conclusion about the account’s validity at all. The mere fact that I’m looking into it can be enough this afternoon. Our compulsions, ourselves. Thank you, @beyoncefan666.