America's Worst Schools, Ranked

By funny tweets, of course.


A friend recently retweeted the following tweet:

Funny, right? It’s been shared a lot of times, and for good reason. What a ridiculous scenario!

What tickled me more than the onions in the toilet, though, was “i HATE my school” in the caption. What an evocative set of words. I probably haven’t heard, “I hate my school,” since a cabin-mate was uttering it to me at summer camp at age thirteen, but as soon as I read it in this tweet, I remembered. It’s like a pre-meme meme. Everybody “hates their school” in some regard—catching up with your cousins at Thanksgiving? Someone hates their school. Making a new friend at the pool? They hate their school. It’s the teen’s conversational equivalent of “Mondays!” or “Don’t get me started about my mother-in-law!” Always there. Usually relatable.

If you search the phrase on Twitter, there’s a gentle amount of memelovers who seem to understand this is a teens-only problem (even though experts like KnowYourMeme and memecenter haven’t deemed it a full-blown trend). There’s definitely more than one photo of someone naming their Kahoot team something like “Harambe4Ever” with the caption “I hate my school.” But the majority of the tweets you see are still regular teens doing regular tweets, and guess what, guys? School still blows.

So without any further ado, here are some of my picks for America’s worst schools, as selected by the Twitter search results for “i hate my school”:

5. Potato Junior High


3. Our Lord And Savior K-12

2. Home Of The Panthers

1. Rhinitis Heights High