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Our State Of The Union

The State of the Union is tonight, and so here are The Guardian's Ana Marie Cox and Huffington Post political writer Jason Linkins to judge America through the lens of the White House's Flickr feed and its tireless photographer, Pete Souza.

Ana Marie: FLICKR…so much to catch up on

Jason: A whole year of the second term! Plus, Pete Souza is now the guy all the White House correspondents hate! They are like "PROPAGANDA"! And I'm kind of like, "Scoop, if true! Not very good propaganda, if scoop."

Ana Marie: Except did you see in all the interviews, people are like, "Well, I've worked [...]


Obama And Romney's Flickr-War For Your Love (And Vote)

With the election tomorrow, the Annotated White House Flickr Feed takes one last fond look at the campaign photos streaming out from Election 2012. Here to make sense of the images are The Guardian's Ana Marie Cox and Huffington Post political reporter Jason Linkins. This week's important discoveries: The Romney team's love affair with Instagram is flourishing; Paul Ryan may have a good reason for always wearing that windbreaker; if Barack's going out, he's going out his way; and meet Joe Biden, HUG MACHINE.

ANA MARIE: This looks really apocalyptic to me, for some reason.

JASON: Ahh, yes, Red Rocks, where the white people [...]


The Backside of Barack Obama

Here are GQ's Ana Marie Cox and the Huffington Post's Eat the Press editor Jason Linkins to explain the politics. Why are we seeing so much of the back of Obama? What indeed was Rahm planning? What is the deal with Bo? Is Joe Biden still alive?

Gratuitously magical. Hold on to these moments, Obama fans.


The Annotated White House Flickr Feed: He's Got Your Health Care Right Here

One man stalks our President. His name is Pete Souza. Day and night, he tries to shoot the President, through every opening available. That is what she said, and here are GQ's Ana Marie Cox and the Huffington Post's Eat the Press editor Jason Linkins to explain this man's madness.


Things To See And Hear

Things you should watch and listen to: Awl pal Ana Marie Cox live-podcasts (if that is a thing now, which I am going to say, yes, yes it is) the Carly Fiorina demon sheep ad, and Awl pal Chris Cechin hangs out with the extremely marijuana-friendly dudes behind the Frankies Spuntino/Prime Meats empire. Support your Awl pals!


Ana Marie Cox on Sarah Palin: "She Lies"

This is pretty awesome: "This is as famous and as politically credible as Sarah Palin will ever be."


The Annotated White House Flickr Feed, With Ana Marie Cox and Jason Linkins: We Definitely Know What You Did At Every Minute This Summer

White House staff photographer and personal paparazzi Pete Souza: he has been around the world in a day with his concealed weapon town hall camera permit, shooting Barack Obama. What did they do this summer? They went to the Grand Canyon, which is in Mexico. And so many more places! And here we have Rachel Maddow's hot lady-friend (JUST FRIENDS PEOPLE!) Ana Marie Cox (Daily Beast and Playboy contributor) and Jason Linkins (editor of the Huffington Post's Eat the Press) to travel along!


Speed-Dating With Barack Obama

With the election over, here are The Guardian's Ana Marie Cox and Huffington Post political reporter Jason Linkins to sift through the latest photos from the White House's Flickr feed and help us anticipate what the Obama second term might have in store (spoiler: great jackets, Joe Biden hugs).

Jason: I was gonna start by pointing out that if there's one picture that encapsulates why we have gotten four more years of scrutinizing the Obama/Biden/Souza administration, it's this one.

Ana Marie: Oh. My. God.

Jason: This is like, the purest distillation of the Romney campaign.

Ana Marie: Mitt waving at people through a chain-link [...]


Call Now! Share Your Feeeeeeelings About "Friday Night Lights"

The forthcoming GQ podcast, with the lady Ana Marie Cox, is going to be about the wonder that is "Friday Night Lights." And guess what? I just watched the series finale last night! Oh my God, I couldn't believe it when Tammy totally ____ and then Julie _____! And Coach Taylor was all ____!!! No I mean, he never talks, he totally didn't say anything at all, but his terrific hair was speaking volumes. (Is it possible to be in love with hair?) So here is the hotline to Ana Marie (or at least her digital recorder), and she would like people like YOU to discuss what the show [...]


BREAKING! Ana Marie Cox Addresses Her Shocking Decline in Twitter Followers!

Ana Marie Cox has a "shrinking audience," notes Fishbowl DC in one of those late Friday breaking news items. They mean her Twitter. As of today, "she has 1,449,248 followers." That's down from 1.47 million Twitter followers! (Here, give her a pity follow, and, by the way, I guess DC bloggers didn't get the memo about how Twitter actually works?)

So Ms. Cox was asked about the rapid and harrowing decline in her popularity and had this to say.


Who Talks Like That? The 22 Most Incredible Sentences from 'Game Change'

John Heilemann and Mark Halperin's 'Game Change' was many things, Ana Marie Cox discovered upon actually reading as one does with a book. It is a source of astounding sentences, for one thing!

But Hillary feared that her war vote would get her hooted off any campus where she spoke. (page 153)

The political gamble here was evident, but the upside was huge: If Clinton carried the caucuses, the nomination would be in the bag. (153)

They liked him and they didn't like her, and there would be no changing that-her negatives were just too deeply cooked into the casserole. (156)


Live: The Don't Ask, Don't Tell Hearings, with Ana Marie Cox

Oh hi, we're having a Don't Ask, Don't Tell party, on the occasion of the Senate Armed Services Committee hearings today, hosted by Gay Friend In Chief Ana Marie Cox! And you're invited.


Ana Marie Cox: "Glee," Sincerity, and the Maine Gay Marriage Repeal

Avril Lavigne songs don't make me cry. Except this morning, listening to the new "Glee" soundtrack: as I was thinking about the lost battle for marriage equality in Maine, the cast's cover of "Keep Holding On" started streaming through my headphones. I lost it.

I confess that prior to hearing the song on the show, ALL I knew about it was that Avril sung it. Kids like her, right? Oh, and it's the fucking theme to fucking Eragon.


Blog Post Read Aloud For Some Reason

If you are interested in hearing a dramatic reading of our transcript from the Beer Summit starring the voice talents of Christopher Hayes, Amanda Carpenter, Ana Marie Cox, and Ezra Klein, you can listen in at the Air America website. Ana does her "street" voice!


The Amazing Reformation Of Mitt And Ann Romney

"Gone are the minute-by-minute schedules and the swarm of Secret Service agents. There’s no aide to make his peanut-butter-and-honey sandwiches. Romney hangs around the house, sometimes alone, pecking away at his iPad and e-mailing his CEO buddies who have been swooping in and out of La Jolla to visit. He wrote to one who’s having a liver transplant soon: 'I’ll change your bedpan, take you back and forth to treatment.'" —"A detached Romney tends wounds in seclusion after failed White House bid," Washington Post

No one at the homeless shelter in downtown Los Angeles recognized the man serving them soup on a post-Thanksgiving weekend. Disheveled and dressed down, [...]


CPAC: The Big Gay Careerist Conservative Future

You could have attended all of the speeches by the 15 or so potential presidential candidates who appeared at this year's Conservative Political Action Conference and only had the slightest notion that anything of note was happening in Egypt. The young conservatives gathered there have their own leaderless revolution to foment. The long-time president of the American Conservative Union, which sponsors CPAC, stepped down the day before the conference began to become the head of the National Rifle Association. And the CPAC Straw Poll, the first of many basically meaningless contests for all those 2012 Republican hopefuls, gave attendees a baffling array of candidates to choose from. There was [...]


The Annotated White House Flickr Feed: When Two Presidents Get It On

Here are GQ's Ana Marie Cox and the Huffington Post's Eat the Press editor Jason Linkins to explain our Muslim President's hot gay affair with wee yet hot Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, through the joys of the White House's Flickr feed!

Jason: Oh, wow! You realize she's back in Michelle Obama's Kiss And Cry Room! (Previously, on Michelle Obama's Kiss And Cry Room.) Ana: It actually looks like it may be a very special White House edition of What Not To Wear.


Ana Marie Cox Employed (Again!)

Ana Marie Cox, unemployed since the shut-down of Air America, is now the Washington Correspondent for GQ.


The Annotated White House Flickr Feed, with Ana Marie Cox and Jason Linkins: A Message To You, Salahi

Our President: so busy! So photographed! And here are Air America's Ana Marie Cox and the Huffington Post's Eat the Press editor Jason Linkins to trawl the documentary evidence of our White House in action.


The Annotated White House Flickr Feed, with Ana Marie Cox and Jason Linkins: Barack Obama's Top-Secret Message To Fox News

Did you know that our President does lots of things each day? The White House staff photographers knew! And here are Air America's Ana Marie Cox and the Huffington Post's Eat the Press editor Jason Linkins to explain it to us common people. ANA MARIE: Let's start with this basketball picture.

JASON: I encourage Awl readers to enlarge this image, for truly it contains multitudes.

ANA MARIE: In the first place, please note the lack of powerful women at this basketball game.