BREAKING! Ana Marie Cox Addresses Her Shocking Decline in Twitter Followers!


Ana Marie Cox has a “shrinking audience,” notes Fishbowl DC in one of those late Friday breaking news items. They mean her Twitter. As of today, “she has 1,449,248 followers.” That’s down from 1.47 million Twitter followers! (Here, give her a pity follow, and, by the way, I guess DC bloggers didn’t get the memo about how Twitter actually works?)

So Ms. Cox was asked about the rapid and harrowing decline in her popularity and had this to say.

“Losing 1.3% of my Twitter followers is the kind of tragedy I would write a mocking Tweet about had I not come to realize that covering the minutiae of the lives and careers of the ‘famous-for-DC’ is exactly sort of bottom-of-the-bellybutton scraping that has caused so many Americans outside the Beltway to look upon our insular culture as something repellent, pitiable and possibly untenable,” Ms. Cox wrote in a statement provided to The Awl. “By the way, is Fishtank hiring?”