Call Now! Share Your Feeeeeeelings About "Friday Night Lights"

Call Now! Share Your Feeeeeeelings About “Friday Night Lights”

The forthcoming GQ podcast, with the lady Ana Marie Cox, is going to be about the wonder that is “Friday Night Lights.” And guess what? I just watched the series finale last night! Oh my God, I couldn’t believe it when Tammy totally ____ and then Julie _____! And Coach Taylor was all ____!!! No I mean, he never talks, he totally didn’t say anything at all, but his terrific hair was speaking volumes. (Is it possible to be in love with hair?) So here is the hotline to Ana Marie (or at least her digital recorder), and she would like people like YOU to discuss what the show meant to YOU, or what you found most notable, or, you know, most life-changing. (Besides figuring out how to get your hair to do that Coach Taylor thing.) Call by Sunday! Obviously by phoning in to leave a message for the show, you are consenting to have it broadcast. (Pod-broad-cast?) Here’s the hotline: (423) 449–9662.