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The Smashing Pumpkins, 1991-2000, In Order

151. “French Movie Theme”
150. “Annie-Dog”
149. “Pastachio Medley”
148. “The Boy”
147. “Bugg Superstar
146. “Spaced”
145. “Pulseczar”
144. “A Night Like This”
143. “Take Me Down”
142. “Shame”
141. “Glass and the Ghost Children”
140. “Medellia of the Gray Skies”
139. “Rotten Apples”
138. “La Dolly Vita”
137. “Meladori Magpie”
136. “The Bells”
134. “Tonite Reprise”
133. “Blank”
132. “Pennies”
131. “Here's to the Atom Bomb”
130. “Marquis in Spades”
129. “Soul Power”
128. “Believe”
127. “Speed Kills”
126. “Tribute to Johnny”
125. “Le Deux Machina”
124. “Jupiter's Lament”
123. “Farewell and Goodnight”
122. “Go”
121. “Why Am I So Tired”
120. “The Tale of Dusty & Pistol Pete”
119. “My Blue Heaven”
118. “You're All I've Got Tonight”
117. “Innosence”
116. “Appels + Orajes”
115. “Let Me Give the World To You”
114. “With Every Light”
113. “Transformer”
112. “The Last Song”
111. “Destination Unknown”
110. “In My Body”
109. “If There Is A God (Full Band)”
108. “If There Is A God (Piano-Vox)”
107. “Lucky 13”
106. “Dreaming”
105. “Bye June”
104. “Tristessa”
103. “Beautiful”
102. “Glass' Theme”
101. “Raindrops + Sunshowers”
100. “The Crying Tree of Mercury”
99. “Clones (We're All)”
98. “The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right)”
97. “Daydream”
96. “Blue Skies Bring Tears”
95. “Plume”
94. “White Spider”
93. “Stumbleine”
92. “Saturnine”
91. “Set the Ray to Jerry”
90. “Home”
89. “Cherry”
88. “… Said Sadly”
87. “We Only Come Out At Night”
86. “Slow Dawn”
85. “Try, Try, Try”
84. “Age of Innocence”
83. “Slunk”
82. “Window Paine”
81. “Vanity”
80. “Crestfallen”
79. “The Imploding Voice”
78. “Girl Named Sandoz”
77. “Lily (My One and Only)”
76. “Hello Kitty Kat”
75. “Wound”
75. “Crush”
73. “Heavy Metal Machine”
72. “Mouths of Babes”
71. “The Sacred and Profane”
70. “This Time”
69. “Blew Away”
68. “Perfect”
67. “Ugly”
66. “By Starlight”
64. “Frail and Bedazzled”
63. “Soothe”
62. “Blue”
61. “I of the Mourning”
60. “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness”
59. “God”
58. “Pug”
57. “Cash Car Star”
56. “Dross”
55. “Hummer”
54. “X.Y.U.”
53. “Real Love”
52. “Cupid De Locke”
51. “Untitled”
50. “Tales of a Scorched Earth”
49. “Obscured”
48. “Pissant”
47. “The End is the Beginning is the End”
46. “Behold! The Night Mare”
45. “Snail”
44. “I Am One”
43. “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”
42. “Jellybelly”
41. “Rocket”
40. “Quiet”
39. “Starla”
38. “Spaceboy”
37. “Love”
36. “Stand Inside Your Love”
35. “Siva”
34. “The Everlasting Gaze”
33. “Landslide”
32. “An Ode to No Ode”
31. “Once Upon a Time”
30. “Silverfuck”
29. “In the Arms of Sleep”
28. “Thirty-Three”
27. “Eye”
26. “Geek U.S.A.”
25. “Where Boys Fear to Tread”
24. “Tear”
23. “Sweet Sweet”
22. “To Sheila”
21. “Blank Page”
20. “Bodies”
19. “Ava Adore”
18. “Cherub Rock”
17. “Here Is No Why”
16. “To Forgive”
15. “Zero”
14. “Porcelina of the Vast Oceans”
13. “Daphne Descends”
12. “Today”
11. “Whir”*
10. “Tonight, Tonight”
9. “Rhinoceros”
8. “For Martha”
7. “Muzzle”
6. “Thru the Eyes of Ruby”
5. “Mayonaise”
4. “Galapagos”
3. “Soma”
2. “Disarm”
1. “1979”

* Update: "Drown," mistakenly (and wrongly!) omitted from this list, should appear here.

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Rick Paulas was 15 years old when Mellon Collie came out and, thusly, spent a good portion of his life believing it was the greatest album of all time.

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Truly a labor of the damned.

39. “Starla”
38. “Spaceboy”

This is incorrect

Mr. B (#10,093)

I know "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" was played to death on the radio, but 16-year-old, church-youth-group-attending, burlap-pullover-wearing me cannot countenance its being ranked outside the top 10.

jfruh (#713)

@Mr. B "the world is an umpire"

Paul B@twitter (#13,135)

The top 5 are pretty close but you're obviously wrong about most things between 6 and 151. Namely all the Machina I & II scattered as high as the 30s.

Van Buren Boy (#1,233)

I'll give you credit for ranking "Muzzle" in the top 10 but "Geek USA" rules all. Also, no matter how ridiculous "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" is, "Zero" is ten times more ridiculous and therefore should be much lower.

IBentMyWookie (#133)

You're better than this, Awl.

saythatscool (#101)

@IBentMyWookie The act of ranking all of Smashing Pumpkins' drivel was also recently identified as "too gay for Britain" by the Telegraph.

Samuel@twitter (#240,026)

OK, it's only my opinion that "Drown" is the _BEST_ Smashing Pumpkins song.

But certainly we can agree that it is _A_ Smashing Pumpkins song, released in 1992, right?

Rick Paulas (#1,565)

@Samuel@twitter This was a terrible oversight on my part. List has been updated accordingly.

Ryan Sholin (#7,598)

"Rick Paulas was 15 years old when Mellon Collie came out and, thusly, spent a good portion of his life believing it was the greatest album of all time."

Yes, this explains why you are wrong about so much of this. Obviously you didn't have to hear "Disarm" as many times as I did, back when MTV still played music videos (get off my lawn). 1979 is OK, I guess. Needs more Drown, and just everything loud from Siamese Dream closer to #1.

s. (#775)

Cherub Rock > everything else.

Dave Bry (#422)

1. "Range Life"

Mr. B (#10,093)

I guess it's just a matter of time before "Billy Corgan's Blinking With Fists, in Order," no?

GailPink (#9,712)

You'll get no argument from me about #1.

jfruh (#713)

Sometimes I still have to pinch myself and remind me that, no, I'm not dreaming, I'm still living in the world where one of the most popular rock bands around released an album called "Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness".

Mr. B (#10,093)

@jfruh The '90s is not "the world."

Paul B@twitter (#13,135)

OH, you also missed some rare bonus tracks. "Infinite Sadness" is the last track on the MCIS vinyl. The original vinyl of Pisces Iscariot came with a bundled 7" with "Not Worth Asking"/"Honeyspider II" not to be confused with "Honey Spider" which I think was a Gish outtake; "Not Worth Asking" is also a B-side to one version of an "I Am One" single, but that may be before 1991, not sure. I remember being pretty bummed out that my dad wouldn't let me get that Pisces Iscariot vinyl in like 6th grade when I saw it in a Bleeker st used record store that isn't there anymore even though I didn't have a record player because I was a completist even at the age of 12.

obsolete (#3,717)

I was talking about these guys the other day and wanted to know just what their appeal was? What made them good, or important, or significant, or just appealing when they came out? I missed this scene by a hair – age wise – and could never wrap my head around it.

Danzig! (#5,318)

@obsolete guitar tone, I guess. Most early 90's pop rock music (including grunge) was p. much reskinned 70's AOR stuff, but SP really kind of embraced the arena side of things, at least later on.

Two Fucks for Bela (#240,056)

@obsolete From what I remember – I was 15, 16 at the time – they got elevated because Corgan wrote decent pop hooks. I was sort of a fan, but nobody in my circle of friends, even the ones that went and saw them live and bought boots and all that, ever really took them seriously, because Corgan's just so hopelessly full of shit.

Screw_Michigan (#8,015)

How the hell did you forget Bury Me? Hummer is also buried way too low. Other than that, nice list.

Pandemic Endemic (#3,825)

@Screw_Michigan Maybe Hummer scares the disenchanted, which ranks it far, far away.

Nice to see "Tear" so high. And a part of me (probably the age 11-12 version when it came out) wants to say, "But no! Mellon Collie IS the greatest album ever!"

Danzig! (#5,318)

Any time the Smashing Pumpkins come up is a good time to present this fucking incredible SPIN article from 1994 regarding Australia's Big Day Out festival –

It starts off being about Soundgarden but soon becomes a thoroughly entertaining account of Billy Corgan daring anyone and everyone he meets to not brutally murder him.

Danzig! (#5,318)

A minute later, Corgan, still probing, finally finds the key to Thayil's heart: "I hate how in magazine pictures, they always stick me somewhere in the back."

Thayil explodes: "What do you mean? You write all the songs, and you do all the interviews. You play the instruments on the album. You control the band to the extent that most people think of Smashing Pumpkins as the Billy Corgan Experience, and all you care about is some photograph?"

"But I hate it," Corgan says, "it means they don't think I'm the cute one."


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