20 People to Follow on Twitter: @Britticisms

Jason Statham, porn, twitter, Liz Phair, Trader Joe’s, the 1990s, androgyny…my latest OF NOTE column is up! http://bit.ly/ofnote0207Tue Feb 08 03:37:03 via web

Britt Julious’ semi-regular of note columns are maybe the best thing on the Internet? So it’s mandatory to follow her Twitter because then you know as soon as a new one is live. There are other reasons too, sure.

For instance I probably get about half of my indie music news from her.

Entire new Hercules and Love Affair album streaming at New York Magazine. Happy Monday, folks! http://bit.ly/gu9VtCMon Jan 24 16:12:26 via web

Trying to eye fuck Matthew Dear.Sat Jan 29 04:23:03 via web

And also the kind of Chicago news that makes me never miss that ol’ town.

Guy threatens to take out gun and shoot everyone on Washington blue line platform. CTA worker strolls downstairs 5 min. later, obliviousThu Jan 06 00:38:44 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

See you never, Chicago!


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