20 People to Follow on Twitter: @DCJourno

Bookers: DM me if you need a guest to talk Egypt. I’ve been following this stuff pretty closely for almost a weekTue Feb 01 21:28:41 via web

For insider liberal coastal media elite private jokes I usually prefer Real Kaplan (who is not the “real” Peter Kaplan, who is the editorial director of Fairchild’s “fashion group” of magazines, but is “real” compared to the two other fake Peter Kaplan Twitter accounts, which are now “involved” with the two new fake Twitter accounts for new New York Observer editor Elizabeth Spiers—kidding, that second one is real!). [UPDATE: IT’S VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ALL MUST KNOW THAT THE FAKE SPIERS ACCOUNT IS PUT ON BY AN UNKNOWN INDEPENDENT PERSON, ONE WHO DOESN’T DO THE FAKE KAPLAN ACCOUNTS. DON’T LET THAT INFORMATION KEEP YOU UP ALL NIGHT.] But there’s also an art to deception in impersonation, which is why DCJourno is so thrilling. It’s hard to spot that it’s not real a bit, because it so frequently resembles the real Twitter discourse emerging from some of the many wonderful people who labor in the shadow of our nation’s leadership.

If anyone out there sees a tweet that i can re-tweet with “Interesting … ” in front of it, DM me!Tue Feb 01 17:52:02 via web

Trying to come up with a joke that includes both Egypt and the White Stripes, but it’s really hard.Wed Feb 02 22:07:40 via web

Really smart stuff about Mubarak from Dylan Ratigan right now on MSNBCTue Feb 01 21:18:48 via web

That one was so good that I suspect is passed without notice.

Know how u feel RT @mattyglesias Fascinated by quantity of assholes who are absolutely obsessed w/ my blog while dismissing it as irrelevantSun Feb 06 15:20:44 via web

(Recommended by Shani Hilton, who is a person in DC you can follow where none of this insider business will occur!)


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