Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Cooking the Books: Emily Gould & Marcy Dermansky Reinvent Pudding

In today's episode, the intrepid Emily Gould meets Marcy Dermansky, the author of Bad Marie, which is about a woman who gets out of prison who is not so good at child care! So of course, here in our glamorous test kitchen, they make mac and cheese and instant pudding. Cooking the Books is directed by Valerie Temple and shot and edited by Andrew Gauthier. You can see all the Cooking the Books episodes here or even subscribe via iTunes. Previously: Tao Lin makes raw salad; Jennifer Egan makes macaroons. Plus! Veggie Burgers Every Which Way.

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deepomega (#1,720)

TheAwl should just get it over with and spinoff TheSpork for all this food content.

(But then who would read TheAwl!)

She must have bought the wrong kind of pudding. I've never had to cook instant pudding.

Um, mildly unrelated, but I made a nice big batch of Butternut Squash soup via what I remember to be an Emily Gould recipe posted forever ago who knows where (it was from a post-Gawker pre-Awl time and was either yours or Choire's, but the complete lack of exclamation points makes me confident it was yours). Anyway – this is an AWESOME recipe that I've used a number of times and I'm really glad you shared it. Ok – off to warm up some more soup!

Update: It was yours!

Emily (#20)

I was just making a mental note to make this soon, I have a giant butternut squash sitting on the counter!

Yes to another great show and Veterans Day salute. The sailor top rules.

josh_speed (#97)

Delightful. And now I am craving instant mashed potatoes with butter [another granny food], because –all together now–there is no such thing as too much butter…

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