Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

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mathnet (#27)

fall-out-of-our chairs, roll-on-the-floor, clutch-at-our-sides-gasping-for-air funny

Moff (#28)


slinkimalinki (#182)


garge (#736)

This is what confused me … how can you tell the difference between a goose honk and a car honk, on the phone or in spontaneity between friends? I have been chased by my share of Canadian geese, but I just don't know …

slinkimalinki (#182)

geese go "waaaaak", cars go "ah-oooo-ga".

jfruh (#713)

People at my college called it the "pigbook," which I always found bracingly crass.

Depending on one's intentions, we referred to ours as either the "Meet Sheet" or the "Meat Sheet."

HiredGoons (#603)

His mom sounds kind of cool.

hockeymom (#143)

I kind of cringed and mentally crossed "help your son be cool in college" off my list of things to do for the kids.

Very cool. It's the best prank and the one most deserving of apology.

Bittersweet (#765)

That was me, fuckface.

(Just kidding, I lived in Harkness the year before.)

jamboree (#206)

What years are we talking about here?

Dave Bry (#422)

Kris lived there as a freshman '89-'90. So, Bittersweet, you were there in '88-'89? This is all weird and facebooky. But then, i guess, that makes sense with this one especially.

Bittersweet (#765)

Yes, to get all weird and facebooky, I lived in Harkness in '88-'89, the year of the infamous Opium Den. The next year I was in JA. Somehow I managed to avoid getting plexed, but now apparently it's more desirable.

Kate Croy (#973)

For the love of Christ sir could you be any more self-satisfied! Have you sprained your wrist yet?*

I think I get the raison d'etre of this column though. It is for Dave Bry to demonstrate how down he is with Dave Bry, no? I bet you ask people whether they can take jokes!

*from patting yourself on the back with such vigor.

HiredGoons (#603)

Here are some pliers…

sox (#652)

Considering the level of detail with which he remembers this shit, I think he indeed deserves a nice pat on the back!

I laughed. Job done.

Apologies are good and evil is fun so combined they're fantastic. It's just like My Name is Earl but on the computer and with 34% less Scientologists.

Hey, I got one of those based-on-your-facebook-pic phone calls in college! (Though not quite as… obsessively?) Being a maroon, I had no idea why we were being asked to send in pics and list our "interests." Imagine my surprise when I was handed a lovely collection of pics & interests, including mine (unfortunately full-length, which I soon learned was the uncool length) next to the words "singing and working out." (Yes yes, these actually were my interests then.)

Shortly into the school year, then, I received a call from some dude saying, "So I hear you like singing and working out." "Erm, yeah…" "Maybe we can sing and work out together!" And that's when I clicked close tab [hung up]. To this day, I still don't know whether dude was fucking with me or trying to hit on me!

I still like singing and working out.

*mumbles*I might still like those, too…

Wait, are you hitting on me?!

Br. Seamus (#217)

Those books were great for playing "Spot the Date Rapist."

We had a girl we called "The Victim" because of her picture. So when she started dating some dude he automatically became "The Victimizer." Later, after we realized date rape wasn't cool to make fun of and started calling her by her real name (Sarah or Jennifer given the times) and actually met her and they'd broken up he was still called the Victimizer. And by then we were "old" enough to not care that we said these secret nicknames out loud. So bad luck for him.

But, like I said, we learned it was wrong to make fun of date rape so, you know, personal growth.

But did Kris ever forgive his Mom????

Kris (#2,452)

I did forgive her. She's a cool mom and it was very cool to hear from Dave after many years. The apology given to me later by Dave was actually unnecessary as there weren't that many undisturbed freshmen nights to begin with. As for the female dorm mate down the hall he woke up….
And I disagree with Katalist #973. This article brought a lot of smiles and memories.

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