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Summer Trend Consecrated

Phrosties, the potent alco-slushies that New Yorkers in certain neighborhoods can order from an anonymous Instagram account, had nearly run their course. They had been covered by every outlet that might possibly have an interest in sweet icy rotgut. With thousands of followers, the drink had reached what seemed like a supply and attention plateau: Popular enough to earn a place in urban drunk legend, but small enough to remain proprietary. And then: A company hawking a boozy Slushie over social media should have to prove it’s not selling to kids if it wants to stay in business, Sen. Charles Schumer said Monday. “A 12-year-old can probably buy [...]


And How Was Your Summer, Amy Sedaris?

What has Amy Sedaris been up to lately? We sent her a bunch of annoying questions to find out!

Mark Allen: I loved your books, I Like You and Simple Times: Crafts For Poor People. You've helped me rediscover googly eyes, politically incorrect ethnic food, elderly party advice, drunk guest tips and star wands. Is there a third book in the works?

Amy Sedaris: There isn't a third book in the works, but there is a fourth book. I've learned a lot since I Like You and Simple Times. I need a new grieving chapter with a few ceremony recipes. Also, I need a chapter on dental care [...]


This Was Supposed To Be A Review Of The Movie 'Pacific Rim' But It’s Mostly A Review Of My Above-Ground Swimming Pool, But 'Pacific Rim' Is Crazy, Man!

Wowee, America* I am having a super-fantastic summer, seriously, I fixed the vinyl liner in my above-ground pool and now I can go swimming whenever I want, which is really great because of how hot it has been, which summer-wise, is a plus, the hot, and being able to come home all hot and bothered and then slip into a cool pool and a cold beer is very satisfying, in a totally Suburban way, which is not a disparagement of Suburbanites, because I live in a City, but it’s just kinda like a Suburban thing to have a pool, even though mine overlooks the alley and there are feral cats [...]


Incoming Men's Fashion Trend Disaster: "The Single-Pleated Chino"

Here is the new thing they are trying to foist on men, as per the June/July issue of Details: "chinos" with one single pleat. Not zero pleats; not pleats on both sides of your forward-facing business. Oh no. Just one asymmetrical pleat, in an otherwise equally ill-fitting and rather awkward pair of summer pants. This is upsetting on a number of levels: capitalist, aesthetic, moral, social, sexual, emotional.

And from where do they get these uniform-faced whites who are so willing to debase themselves as single-pleat models? It's sad.

None of this is okay.

Update: OH THANK GOD, this really is a hoax… of the eyeballs at least. After [...]



The nights are getting warmer and it won’t be long until summer comes! No offense, but this current season of spring has pretty much been crappy and we are now about a groundhog-hair away from being done with it. Yeah, as soon as all this pollen stops killing us, it’ll be summer time, and I know there’ll still Global Warming, but I want to have an enjoyable summer, so I’m basically not gonna think about Global Warming this summer, even when it’s 120 degrees and the pavement is soft enough to claim a shoe! Don’t wear flip-flops out on those city streets, people, please.

This summer, the one that [...]


How to Not Work on Fridays

If you are working on Fridays in summer, you are a tool. That is the truth. But if you ARE working on Fridays in summer, and wondering how to change your life, well, we have the answer for you. Perhaps you spotted Flint Beamon, extolling the virtues of "not really working on Fridays" in the Styles section troll-a-thon today. It went like this: "Scanning the [Thompson Hotel] scene closely was Flint Beamon, 36, a director of events and lifestyle brands for a public relations company [N.B.: That firm is called PR Consulting] that gives its employees Fridays off in summer. He was there to network. 'People here are usually [...]


The Complete Guide to Summer Tech, Tools and Gear

Rain Jackets, waterproof cameras, air conditioners, umbrellas, solar battery packs, portable GPS, fans, grills, and much much more. (Although the handy category here is cheap rain jackets, if you ever want to talk expensive rain jackets, call me, we'll discuss Prada windbreakers versus Zegna Sport.


Summer Fashion Foreboding

"The socks-with-sandals look has undergone a gradual rebranding to its now-cool status, Quinn said. Designer Kate Spade helped revive it by showing closed-toe pumps with fun socks. Tory Burch showed socks with flats, and in their ready-to-wear Spring 2014 show, Band of Outsiders paired socks with flat and heeled sandals." Socks with sandals, men in very short shorts, the return of crop tops—it's gearing up to be a miserable summer.


Fake Pappardelle In Brodo

Here is my end of summer/transition into fall recipe for you. It's good for a random household weekend dinner, and it's good for end of summer when you're like "ugh what is in this fridge?" It's sort of inspired by the brodo recipes they've been cooking at Brucie on Court Street in Brooklyn.

Two disclaimers:

1. Italians will most likely be aghast at this. SORRY. I know, you perfected pasta. You people make gross desserts, so there. (Okay, sure, I'll give you cannoli.)

2. This isn't one of those braggy "look what I can dooooo" recipes! This is published not in the hopes that you'll follow it, but that [...]


Meet The Awl 2013 Interns

Each year, young people come and do some things here! And each year, we worry that they will sue us. But no: they will not. The intern's job isn't fetching coffee or proof-reading; they're here to write about stuff and have a good time. (And yes, lawyers and judges, they set their own hours, do no office work or work that would otherwise be created by employees: they come and go as they wish, and are in charge of their destinies.) They're just now getting into the swing of things and filing stories, so we figured we should be courteous and let you know who they are. So far, I [...]


The Decrepit Beauty of Dallas

On a recent walk through downtown Dallas, I stopped to admire an old light fixture attached to an abandoned building. The streets around me, lined with weedy lots and architectural wreckage, were deserted enough to feel vaguely menacing. A car cruised past; its driver and I seemed to regard each other with the same wary suspicion. I returned my attention to the light. “Look at me,” it whispered, defiant and exhausted, “and try to tell me that the old world was not better than the new one.”

I wasn’t so sure, given that whatever good you want to say about the past, the fact remains that it [...]


Only 32 More Days Until "Fast & Furious 6"

There are movies again! The previews in the theaters right now are batting 100% in the "sure, I will see the f out of your expensive movie, even that weird one that's about magicians that give away money by robbing banks through magic, whatever the heck that is, and however they got Mark Ruffalo in it, and also that weird movie about dead people being a post-mortem detective agency that is basically a 'Men In Black' reverse spin-off." But! May 24th. That is when the most important cultural moment of our year takes place, when Fast & Furious 6 arrives. Can you believe there have only been six of these [...]


The Mid-Summer Garden Crisis

If, like me, you garden at ground level in a light-challenged, urban backyard—basically the equivalent of a mineshaft—you've probably found yourself confronting the end of July and August as something like a mid-life crisis. The garden isn't unhealthy; except for a few brown spots here and there, caused by the heat or some pests, it's probably lush and green, a sight your younger, pre-garden self would have imagined with pride as you considered the long odds of having any kind of outdoor space in Manhattan. Yet logic aside, the landscape in front of you seems to lack an element of excitement that once made the venture so utterly absorbing.


This Summer: Slushies for Kidults

Kidult summer trends! Unrelated but intriguing. First, all the new mens' suits are shiny all of a sudden—made of wool and silk, shiny is the new, uh, not shiny. So buy some shiny suits that will be wildly out of vogue in two years. Second, it's the summer of the "sophisticated slushie." Which, you'll be wanting one come Wednesday. You can blame Pok Pok for a lot of things—for being the most impossible no-reservations place in Brooklyn to actually eat at, for starters. (Today's New Yorker calls it "dining as sport" and "an exhausting game.") You can also blame them for the beer slushie: their "old-school, low-tech [...]


The Creative Class Is Moving To Bloomington, Indiana This Summer

Two years ago, we told you that the creative class was bailing out of the big cities and setting up shop in Moscow, Idaho. It went pretty well! This year, Summer Commune is organizing to take place in…. Bloomington, Indiana, for the month of July: Home to Lil' Bub the cat, record labels JAGJAGUWAR and Secretly Canadian, the famed Kinsey Institute, and John Cougar Mellencamp, Bloomington, Indiana feels hidden away although it's pretty centrally located. It's far enough from the city to feel like farm country, but close enough to a major airport to make getting there super easy.

Intrigued? You can find out more [...]


Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.

As I walked through Ocean Grove, a small town just south of Asbury Park on the Jersey Shore, I felt proud of my people. Who else but my fellow childless, non-heterosexual disciples of the past would have had the patience and fortitude to sweep uninvited into this enclave of once-dilapidated Victorian masterpieces, and—undeterred by the proximity to 1) the post-war urban blight of Asbury Park and 2) the religious blight of the Methodist Church, which founded Ocean Grove in 1869 as a “camp revival” site and still owns the land on which every house sits—painstakingly refurbish every spoke and shingle? I imagined what it would be like to live in [...]


Why Were You Outside Yesterday?

Yesterday: it was disgusting. Like, a million degrees. And it was a Sunday. So why were people outside? We went out and asked some guys.


Theme For Spring And Summer 2013 Announced

"We start trends in New York. Spring and summer 2013 is all about the dog tattoo."


Silicon Valley Still Doesn't Get New York

David Ebersman, Facebook's CFO, and the man who planned its wealth-annihilating IPO, "recently came to New York to meet with big investors, including hedge funds and institutional investors. Some invitations for meetings were oddly, and somewhat imperiously, sent out on Thursday night for meetings on Friday. Given that it was summer, some investors sent their junior analysts." Oh honey. Okay, Palo Alto nerds, Labor Day has passed. We are now largely returned to our offices, although really you shouldn't try to schedule a Friday meeting until October, because the ocean is still warm and no one's really closed down the summer house yet. Good grief, we live in [...]


The Politics Of McCarren Park Pool

On June 28th, public officials, neighborhood civic leaders, parents and their eager toddlers, poured under the iconic vaulted archway of the McCarren Park Pool.

For the actual poolgoers, it was their first visit inside the building since at least 2008, when the Parks Department permitted a series of ticketed and free live shows in the pool's empty basin. For some, it was step all the way back into their childhood, when summer meant splashing around Greenpoint with thousands of their friends.

On Thursday, everyone saw what the outdoor pool had become, for $50 million, here were one million gallons of cerulean blue water with tufts of surf, a mirror to [...]