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Both Ways Had

I suppose the only question I have left is whether or not deliberately quoting "a bearded, tattoo-covered 30-year-old who lives in East Williamsburg and sells $400 Japanese raw denim jeans for a living" provides enough of a knowing wink to offer inoculation against the cries of "trollery" you are so brazenly eliciting. I mean, it's a neat trick if it does, I guess.


Funeral: Who Wore It Best?

"Top designers are pouncing on the celebrity bonanza surrounding Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death by sending out photos of stars wearing their brands while paying their respects to the legendary actor."


How Can We Get Mayor de Blasio To Wear Something Other Than A Burlap Sack?

"New York mayors have almost always been fashion plates — from the jaunty cane and fedora of Jimmy Walker to the dapper tweeds of matinee idol John Lindsay to the custom-made suits of Abe Beame to the twee bowties and pocket squares of David Dinkins. Even Robert Wagner knew how to wear a suit. The dour Wagner held his own in a famous 1957 photo of him next to glamorous Marilyn Monroe at a movie premiere, thanks to his perfectly tailored tuxedo. But de Blasio seems to think that dressing for success is not part of his job description."


Being Dumb

I am a dumb writer, perhaps one of the dumbest that's ever lived. Whenever I have an idea, I question myself whether it is sufficiently dumb. I ask myself, is it possible that this, in any way, could be considered smart? If the answer is no, I proceed. I don't write anything new or original. I copy pre-existing texts and move information from one place to another. A child could do what I do, but wouldn't dare to for fear of being called stupid.

Tonight Kenneth Goldsmith will appear on The Colbert Report. This year he has been the Museum of Modern Art's first poet laureate, [...]

Look Good While Preventing Tiny Missiles From Perforating Your Body

"What’s driving the explosive growth in sales of fashionable bullet-resistant clothing for the rich and not so famous?"


Precautions To Take Before Popping One's Collar

"The popped collar still has enough detractors that it should be worn with care."


Time To Burn Everything You Own That Is Red

Good news for people who lost everything in Hurricane Sandy! According to the fashion department of New York magazine, "the color of the season is a deep, red wine: somewhere between bordeaux and burgundy," so you were going to have to replace everything anyway.


Wait, Is This Normcore?

"Marty himself has been something of a hipster template for a while now: the double denim, the checked shirt, the high-tops. If only Marty had arrived in east London 2014 as opposed to Hill Valley 1955 (and, later, 2015 and 1885), he would have fit right in and instantly sparked a sleeveless parka revival…. Lorraine Baines (later McFly, then Tannen) has, waist up, a proper Alexa Chung look going on, with her Peter Pan collars and demure little jumpers. Biff Tannen's sports jackets are definitely in style this season, for men and women, while George McFly's thick-rimmed glasses have been a fashion staple for absolute yonks now (ie about five [...]


Bill de Blasio Not THAT Cheap

"An article last Thursday about Mayor Bill de Blasio’s preference for New York designers referred incorrectly to the blue Corneliani suit that he bought at Rothmans in the spring of 2013 during his mayoral campaign. Mr. de Blasio wore it at his inauguration, but not on primary and election nights."


All Turtleneck-Wearers Are Bad Men

"This season, there are more ways than ever to wear turtlenecks." [Via]


Hallmark Of Office Style At Pitchfork Media Revealed

"Comfortable clothing—with a subtle nod to rock ‘n’ roll—is the hallmark of office style at Pitchfork Media, publisher of the influential online music publication The company has 23 (mostly male) employees in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint and Williamsburg neighborhoods." There's a photogallery!


How Long It Will Take Your Girlfriend To Start Dressing You

Men beware: That special new lady who makes you feel like everything you do is amazing will eventually become the woman who changes everything about the way you dress because it sucks. How long is "eventually"? Six months. This would probably be more disturbing if men weren't secretly just as happy not to be making decisions about these things.


The Bedford Stop In Williamsburg Is The Versailles Of The MTA

"Obviously people kind of hate on Williamsburg a lot for, for being like kind of super-trendy and maybe looking a little bit like Urban Outfitters-y at times but I think that you do find a lot of people who kind of just have stuff going on like, or they really take a little bit of time to look fun. Like I think it's cool that nobody takes it too seriously. I mean, I think just saw a girl pass with like a raccoon hat." What transit line do you take your fashion cues from?

Photo by Goosefriend.


What Was Your First (Or Favorite) Halloween Costume?

What are you going as for Halloween? As that's the question so many people are asking right now, I thought it'd be fun to revisit the costumes of Halloweens past. So I asked a group of writers at various fashion-slanted blogs and magazines to share their first—or favorite—Halloween costumes. Here's what we got (some with bonus pictures!!!).

Leah Chernikoff, executive editor of Fashionista

My favorite Halloween costume was actually pretty recent. My sister lives in New Orleans where they do everything big so a few years ago we went all out to be the creepy twins from The Shining. We wore blood-stained matching Land's End school uniforms and [...]


"Nothing Was Vulgar, Nothing Was Bling-Bling"

Jaime Wolf recently spent some time with Agnès Troublé for T Magazine. (Perhaps you know her best as Agnès B.) They went to Brooklyn to photograph graffiti! The legendary designer's first film, Je m'appelle Hmmm…, is currently playing in festivals and opens in France this spring.


2013 Style: A Tragedy In Four Acts

1. He adored Los Angeles

Instagram: @RhondaIntl

Fashion is for either the very young or the very old; style is for everyone in between. I do not function participatorily in any fashion polity, which is another way of saying I live in LA. If you are a dude here, you take one of two looks: Patrick Bateman or Christopher Robin. If you abstain, grown women will come up and ask you if you smell, neither knowing nor caring that style is an outsider's game.

A lot of what passes for street style here is liminal and kind of en-route in nature, as most of it is confined [...]


Nipples Coming Up

"Whether on full display, or peeking coyly out of mesh dresses, there was no ignoring the overwhelming abundance of mammaries on display on the runways this month. We didn't find any bra, on any runway, in any city. From the sheer whites of Michael Kors, Alberta Ferretti, and Paul Smith, to the primary reds and pinks at Sophie Theallet and Max Mara, to the sexy blacks at Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang, and more, the message was clear: Spring 2014 favors small-breasted women who feel comfortable going virtually topless." —You are going to find this almost impossible to believe, and I understand your shock, but—trust me, we will get [...]


Gays Tear "Mad Men" Apart, Put It Back Together

Oh my God, these queens are absolutely crushing it on the matters of color palette ramifications in "Mad Men." This report will change your life in how you watch the show.


What Grown Men Look Like In Shorts

Attention, gentlemen, this is exactly the image you present to the world when you wear shorts.


Let's Not Turn Men In Tights Into "Meggers," Okay?

"When trendsetters speculated what would be the defining men's fashion movement to sweep New York this winter, few opted for the male legging. But 'Megging', as the male legging is known, is now all the rage in sartorial circles."