Happy Carol Lim and Humberto Leon Day!

It’s the day the Olympics open, but not the first day of the Olympic Games.

Technically speaking, this past Wednesday was “Day -2” of the Olympics, and today, Friday, is “Day 0” (that’s a zero not an oh). The first two days just had a lot of soccer, and today has a bit of archery. Tonight there will be the big flag spectacle where people have the matching country tracksuits and then there will probably be a big dance thing with eight thousand performers in insane costumes. Michael Phelps will carry the American flag but probably his shirt will be on!

Today is also the one day every two years when an über-cool fashion retailer with outlets in New York and Los Angeles and Tokyo will get a lot of accidental e-traffic. Congrats to its founders, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon! If I were them I’d offer some sort of promotional sale thing where like if you were looking for the Olympics but you got them instead and were totally honest about it and entered the promo code OOPSLYMPICS at checkout you’d get forty percent off? Two-hundred-dollar slip dresses are IN this season! Also these cargo shorts for women are on sale. Will I buy them? Or do you think a cargo dress is more my thing?

Opening Ceremony Otis Twill Cargo Shorts – WOMEN – Opening Ceremony – OPENING CEREMONY

Who am I kidding, it’s Frank Ocean day, A.K.A. just another day that Frank Ocean may or may not release an album. We’re waitinggggggggg…