The Only Thing You Need To Bring To The Women's March

An alternative shopping list


If you’re living in America right now, chances are you’ve heard of the Women’s March on Washington or one of the 370 sister marches that are taking place across the country this Saturday.

Over at The Cut, they ran a list called “Every Single Thing You Need to Bring to the Women’s March,” and here are the items they suggest protesters consider investing in before they take to the streets:

Uniqlo Heat Tech Turtleneck, $19 at Uniqlo, American Apparel Bodysuit, $49 at American Apparel, The North Face Zip Neck Base Layer, $60 at The North Face… Sorel Boots, $100 at Avenue 32, Hunter Boots, $89 at Nordstrom Rack, Timberland Boots, $109 at Urban Outifitters… Vbiger Touch Screen Gloves, $13 at Amazon, Warmen Faux Leather Gloves, $9.99 at Amazon, Timberland Gloves, $9.99 at Amazon… Patagonia Baclava, $35 at Patagonia, Carhartt Hat, $9.99 at Amazon, Metog Ear Warmers, $8.99 at Amazon… Sof Sole Insoles, $16 at Amazon, Hunter Insoles, $25 at Nordstrom, Miscly Gel Insoles, $14 at Amazon… Romastory Velvet Leggings, $11 at Amazon, The North Face Tights, $50 at The North Face, Uniqlo Heat Teach Leggings, $19 at Uniqlo… Mophie Case, $50 at Amazon, Skyroam Hot Spot, $99 at Amazon, Anker Astro Portable Charger, $15 at Amazon… American Apparel Scarf, $29 at American Apparel, Allegra K Scarf, $8 at Amazon, Uniqlo Heat Tech Scarf, $19 at Uniqlo… Uniqlo Heat Tech Socks, $9 at Uniqlo, Heat Holders Socks, $15 at Amazon… Retro Rewind Sunglasses, $9 at Amazon, Smith Sunglasses, $129 at REI… Grabber Hand Warmer 10 Pack, $11 at Amazon, Chapstick Original 3 Pack, $6 at Amazon, Purell Hand Sanitizer, $15 at Amazon… Thinx Boy Shorts, $39 at Thinx, Depends Slim Silhouette, $39 at Walgreens

As an alternative, I’d like to offer a more pared-down list of requirements for attendees to consider. In order to march this Saturday, you need:

  • to want to be there

That’s all.