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A Man Walks into a Boxing Ring

Mike Tyson fought fifty-eight times in his twenty-year career. Chances are, you only remember a handful of those fights. Chances are even better that his bout against Michael Spinks on June 27, 1988, is one of them. History blessed this night with an audacious moment that should have granted it pop culture immortality, but sports got in the way: It took Tyson just eight punches over ninety-one seconds to obliterate a tentative and terrified and previously undefeated Spinks in one of the fastest heavyweight title fight KOs ever. But the real story occurred minutes before the round-one bell: Tyson’s ring entrance, the slow spectacle squeezed into every big boxing [...]


Fire: Actress, Model–And "Boxing Diva" Who Wasn't

Everyone calls Keisher McLeod-Wells “Fire"—or, more formally, “Fire the Boxing Diva." That second one is a bit of marketing hype, though, as she’s generally very un-diva-like, and can often be found working the front desk at Gleason’s Gym, perched behind an old desk from some long-forgotten school.

Fire is a rare species: the professional boxer-model-actress. The acting and modeling came first. She’s 33, and she’s been boxing since 2002, when she wandered into the gym after her agent suggested to her that she’d have a better shot landing a role in Terminator: 3 if she got some muscle on her arms like Linda Hamilton. And boxing just seemed like [...]


Floyd Mayweather As The Great Black Villain

"Shane Mosley says ‘Floyd Mayweather fights for money.' You fuckin' dummy; I'm a prizefighter. That's what I'm supposed to fight for: a prize. Duh!"Floyd ‘Money' Mayweather.

People say that Floyd Mayweather is arrogant, that he doesn't care about "boxing" in the abstract, only himself. This is the opposite of the truth.


Fight Night, with Hamilton Nolan: The Glorious Racism of Boxing

John Duddy is the fightingest Irish guy in New York. This, as historic stereotypes go, is right up there with being the chop suey-cookingest Chinese guy in San Francisco. Duddy, furthermore, fights with a fists-forward style that lends him a certain resemblance to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish mascot, minus the jaunty little suit.

This is all for the best. John Duddy is a boxer, and boxing is the world's last respectable cauldron of bloodthirsty racial pride. Soccer is for patriots; boxing is for tribes.


A Portrait Of Boxing's First World Championship

Hello, would you like to buy something weird? Hammer Time is our guide to things that are for sale at auction: fantastic, consequential and freakishly grotesque archival treasures that appear in public for just a brief moment, most likely never to be seen again.

"Stephen went down Bedford row, the handle of the ash clacking against his shoulderblade. In Clohissey’s window a faded 1860 print of Heenan boxing Sayers held his eye. Staring backers with square hats stood round the roped prizering. The heavyweights in tight loincloths proprosed gently each other his bulbous fists. And they are throbbing: heroes’ hearts." —James Joyce, Ulysses, Episode 10, The Wandering Rocks

Tom [...]


Fight Night: Boxing Is a Bad Job, Badass

Oh! to be a professional boxer. To train and train and train and train, to sweat and bleed and trade blows upon blows, all in pursuit of the glory of beating an inferior opponent, in front of a horrifying crowd of drunk gangsters, in a basement club in Times Square. Last week I wedged into the packed house at BB King's on 42nd Street for Broadway Boxing, an event featuring up and coming fighters-the level of pro who might make it onto HBO one day, but then again, might not.


Fight Night: Five Lessons from the New York Golden Gloves Finals

At Madison Square Garden on Friday night, there came five important lessons in as many bouts.

1. 165-pound novice division: Frank Galarza vs. Allen Brunner. Allen Brunner has a classic boxer's build: long arms and a lean, muscular body. Frank Galarza, a tattooed 24 year-old with a modest mohawk, stood a few inches shorter, with a shorter reach. The fight, it seemed, was Brunner's to lose. But after the bell rang, Brunner (who "trains full time," surprisingly) revealed a Gumby-like style devised by a crackhead and executed by a fighter who was not, alas, Superman. When he came in, he held his hands low, and gave the impression of [...]


The Last Sad Gasps of the 'Baltimore Sun'

Tom Scocca: Did you ever read that Baltimore Sun piece? About the hit-and-run?

Choire Sicha: About the 17-year-old boxer who was allegedly run down by the police, whilst on his dirtbike? Yes I did!

Tom Scocca: That was as bad as a newspaper story ever gets. There was no epistemological effort put into it at all.


Fat Joe's Story About R. Kelly Beating People Up In An Underground Chicago Fight Club

"As part of a promotional campaign for his The Darkside Vol. 1 album, which was released last year, the PR/Cuban rapper shot a series of webisodes called 'Fat Joe’s Tales From the Darkside.' For Part 3, he tells about the time he was visiting R&B sensation R. Kelly in Chicago and how he didn’t believe Kellz when the crooner told him he was a real bona fide thug." —Awl pals Ego Trip being Ego Trip, they have once again unearthed an amazing bit of hip-hop to share with the world.


Fight Night: Douchebag as Role Model: The Case of Paulie Malignaggi

"You know who was the first guy to beat up Paulie Malignaggi? Me!" said an older acquaintance of mine at Gleasons Gym. "He came in here when he was 15 and they asked me to spar with him. And I get in and he starts belting me. This 15-year-old kid, belting me! So I,"-and here, he pantomimes crouching down and throwing huge body hooks-"bam, bam, and I cracked his rib. Yeah, I cracked his rib, Paulie Malignaggi."

This anecdote is related simply to illustrate the fact that Paulie Malignaggi is the type of guy who inspires others to want to beat him up. He is boxing's greatest Guido; he [...]


Someone Might Say "Only In New York" About This One

Here's something you don't hear every day: There's a great story about Jews in the sports section. In what might come as less of a surprise, it's about the lead bond lawyer for the financing of Yankee stadium, who happens to be a Jew. His name is Jonathan Ballan. As the Times reports, Ballan "reserved the stadium for his son's bar mitzvah on Saturday, June 5. In addition to providing lounges, the Yankees promised to give the Ballan party access to the stadium's giant scoreboard in center field for 30 minutes." (No word on whether Jay-Z and Alecia Keys will perform "Empire State of Mind" and "Hava Nagilla," [...]


Game Misconduct: Celtics and Bulls, Pacquiao v. Hatton and Mind That Bird at the Derby

Our straight man on sports discusses the Celtics and Bulls, the terrible boxing match of Pacquiao v. Hatton and the triumph of Mind That Bird at the Kentucky Derby.

Rest assured. The 2009 Celtics and Bulls, with all their combined injuries and current line-ups could play each other another 100 times (each featuring 100 overtime periods a pop) and the score would probably still end up Still Fucking *tied* along an endless insane basketball möbius.