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The Economics of Plugged Leaks

Mr. Balazs insists on privacy, discouraging cellphone pictures by guests. Employees surrender their phones during working hours and submit to “the most draconian sort of confidentiality agreements,” he said.

A recent breach at Mr. Balazs’s Standard, High Line in New York—the leak of a video of Jay Z and Solange Knowles fighting in an elevator—heightened the need for such measures. Mr. Balazs said that the employee who leaked the video was fired within 24 hours, and that he and Jay Z are considering legal action.

In this age of (slightly) renewed concern for labor issues, one wonders if TMZ's compensation for video footage now takes [...]


Beyoncé In Brooklyn Last Night

Here's the nine best Instagram videos and the one best Vine of Beyoncé last night at Barclays. Um. Good Lord! GOOD LORD!


A Week So Bad That An Actual Superhero Had To Come Save Us From It And Ourselves

Do you remember what happened this week?


I’m not necessarily in the Beysus congregation but I sure as debt don’t knock it, either. When our beloved 'net is doubled over in self-fondling and editorial side stares during the slime-time of year called My Ranking Of Niche Garbage Ranks Higher Than Yrs, it’s gorgeous to see a Member of Modern Camelot release quality you can count on that spreads happiness and excitement throughout my visible spectrum. Tear up all your lists! Joy to the world, the Bey is come.

Golden Globe Nominations

Knives out! Award season is upon us, let the parade of faces begin! Good faces, [...]


Beyonce, "Standing On The Sun"/H&M Commercial

Here's the new Beyonce video, which is also an H&M commercial, part of their Beyonce as Mrs. Carter campaign. It's pretty much like any other Beyonce video, except with far less expensive costumes.


Five Good, Or At Least Interesting, Music Videos That Came Out This Week

Entering into the well-known "nesting" stage of pregnancy, Beyonce doesn't seem to be doing much lately except staying around the house and making terrific, high-end music videos. Three weeks after "Countdown" had us all WHOOHOO-BEYONCE!!!-ing, here she is mowing the lawn behind her trailer home at midnight in a yellow fur coat and bikini bottoms. It's a shame the video is not the version of this song that features a typically phenomenally guest verse from Andre 3000. But J. Cole is okay, too. And WHOOHOO-BEYONCE!!!


Magical Recording of Beyoncé Doing Prince

And here is Beyoncé covering Prince's "The Beautiful Ones" (and Kings of Leon's "Sex on Fire" (whatever)) this weekend. She's been doing this on tour for a bit (and covering Prince for a couple of years, and of course she performed "Purple Rain" with him in 2004) but this is the first really stellar recording of this; I would describe this as LIFE-CHANGING. Stop work, put your headphones on, etc. I do wish she hadn't switched the genders in the lyrics though. (via, previously)


The Skorpion Show On Beyonce's New Single 'Girls (Who Run The World)'

When something as significant as the release of Beyoncé's first new single in two years happens, everyone on the internet seems to feel the need to share their opinions and expert criticisms, this website included. But as we racked our brains trying to figure out what to do for it, this video review by The Skorpion Show crossed our paths and articulated everything and anything we would ever hope to say, but better and more sincerely than we ever could. It should also be noted that this video is a response to the demo version of the song that leaked yesterday, and not the official version that came out [...]


On Lena, On Rihanna, On Kimye: The Very Necessary Death Of "Vogue"

The idea that there is an appropriate subject for a Vogue cover is a concept that Vogue invented. The years and years of white, able-bodied, skinny and young models and actresses have trained us to instinctively notice what is and isn't Vogue. There is the occasional diversion if the Academy Awards/Grammys/culture demands; but often when Vogue puts aside its insistence that only one kind of beauty exists in order to recognize a different kind of beauty, they do something worse, like the LeBron James cover with Gisele, which was maybe not an overtly racist decision, but certainly an editorial decision that reflected implicitly racist beliefs about the way a [...]


The Only Man You Need To Hear Discuss Beyoncé

"Yoncé"/"Partition" I mean, this is the song of our times. This is great. Everything about this is great. Literally every sentient being in the universe is credited on this song, although it sounds to me like a Timbaland joint. I hope that the person who wrote the line “I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker” got paid many euros. The video is happening and it is great and retro. I myself have not performed (or, for that matter, received) fellatio in a limousine, so I will take her word for it that if Beyoncé herself were, indeed, performing it, it would require her going upon her [...]


Did You Buy An Album In The Last Nine Hours?



In A Bar In West Virginia, Watching Beyoncé Sing

On the TV in the corner of the Village Café, a roadside bar here, President Obama was in the midst of his second inaugural address, but Trish wanted to show off her penis cup. The cup is really a mug with a plastic penis standing erect on the inside. It was a gift to Trish, the daytime bartender, from a patron.

"When I drink from it, my nose touches the tip," Trish said. "And it's great."

I had arrived at the Village Café at the end of a reporting trip. Hungry for a place to watch the inauguration—an event I take seriously and look forward to—with other people, I [...]


Beyonce, "Countdown"

Here is the new Beyonce video everybody is so justifiably psyched about. It's a burst of joy! It was directed by Tom Petty's daughter, Adria—who, you wonder, maybe learned about the fun to be had with nice clean set design and simple camera tricks from the folks who used to work with her dad.


Last Night's Rehearsal: Beyonce in the Dressing Room

Jay-Z's cameraphone video of Beyonce's rehearsal last night. Jesus!


Things I'd Like to Tweet About Beyoncé's Maybe-Baby

Beyonce may or may not be pregnant—she says she is not, and presumably she would know—but is she Hard-Knock(ed) Life up? See? There is so much to be said about the most anticipated baby in the history of man (sorry, Jesus). But is it worth the inevitable follower loss that would accompany an all-day Tweetathon of nothing but remarks about Beyonce's unborn diva fetus? Well of course it is. Still, in the interests of good social media hygiene, I have instead gathered said Tweets into this compendium, to be consumed all at once. Just like with tapas, it's always super-annoying when they bring out the dishes one at a [...]


Rihanna I Would Kill 4 U

It is fascinating to consider the gigantic omissions mainstream media makes in recapping the past year with delicious “Best of [insert year].” These are omissions of substance, but they are not often included in the discourse of popular culture. They are experiences about losing. Losing jobs, lovers, apartments. The losers’ agency—or lack thereof—is manifested in perhaps deciding a preference to “lose,” guesstimating the long-term result will be worth the sacrifice. Of course, other times exogenous factors create a shared reality where you—and this certainly includes me—have limited power in changing one’s conditions. These are the stories about getting broken up with, getting evicted from a home and—by far the worst [...]


Beyonce Feminism Debate Resolved

"A deeply personal Beyoncé debate: Should she get to be a feminist?" I know none of these things are ever fully settled until an older white man weighs in, so let me provide some authority and finality to this deliberation by asserting that, sure, why the hell not, Beyoncé gets to be a feminist. Now you may go back to your lives, we have spoken.


What We Didn't Understand About Beyonce A Decade Ago

"I love Beyonce as much as the next guy, but I’ve never believed her. And I guess that’s something they hadn’t realized back in 2003 – the artificiality is part of the deal."



Beyonce was dreaming that a white wolf was chasing her through a shopping mall. She’d escaped a room in the mall where someone was being tortured by bureaucrats, and now was running in a state of panic, trying to stay on the lookout for their spies. The wolf was at least five feet long and probably weighed 200 pounds. He had run up the escalator from the food court as Beyonce was passing, and snarled at her.


Beyonce, "1 + 1"

Here is the new video for Beyonce's great song, "1+1." It's pretty much the same video as the old video for Billy Idol's great song "Eyes Without a Face."


Popular Culture Shows How Increasingly Narcissistic Our Society Has Become

"Narcissism, research shows, is on the rise…. Nathan DeWall, a psychologist at the University of Kentucky, has come to the same conclusion based on quite a different avenue of research. DeWall and his colleagues analyzed the lyrics of songs on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart from 1980 to 2007. They found a statistically significant trend toward narcissism in the music, with the words 'I' and 'me' gradually replacing 'we' and 'us.' Recent examples of narcissism in popular songs include Justin Timberlake's 2006 proclamation, 'I'm bringing sexy back,' and Beyoncé's 2005 line, 'It's blazin', you watch me in amazement.'"