Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

"cruisin to the finish line: speed secrets" by PT Cruiser

TOP CARPT Cruiser is a user of Twitter, but not your average user. When online, she tweets a rapid stream of consciousness, at least in part to meet her goal of 300,000 tweets by year's end. She is also now an author. Her first book, cruisin to the finish line: speed secrets, was self-published last month, under the name "tcot," or Top Car on Twitter. This fall she gave a rare interview, explaining that she lives about 45 minutes outside of New York City, wakes up very early to go to work unpacking freight, and only watches VH1 Soul. She also blogs irregularly on the occasions of R&B stars' birthdays.

Brendan O’Connor:

what is it like

Leah Reich:

it's like
have you ever tried to write your stream of consciousness
everything in your brain
even the shitty mean thoughts
and you can't
because that barrier between brain and exterior
somehow contorts your words and makes them presentaple
lol presentable
or makes you want to conform to something you think you should be writing
maybe you can say them but you can't write them
it's like poetry
it's BETTER than a lot of poetry
it's offensive and cruel
it's repetitive but in a way that's rhythmic
it's kind of like diary entries and stories and lists
but they read sometimes like poems
some are clusters of tweets
it basically helps give context to everything about the twitter feed
so you get it
PT Cruiser is hot
PT Cruiser I get you now
PT Cruiser your book
PT Cruiser I read it
PT Cruiser you didn't make any fucking sense
PT Cruiser I thought you were so annoying
PT Cruiser who the fuck is Maria
PT Cruiser but then I read it
PT Cruiser I read it in a single night
PT Cruiser I hope you fuck Miguel
PT Cruiser you deserve it
PT Cruiser your book is insane
PT Cruiser your book is ugly
PT Cruiser your book is beautiful
PT Cruiser Miguel sings a song called Beautiful
PT Cruiser I'm not using the hashtag
PT Cruiser I'm not sorry
PT Cruiser I hope Miguel sings Beautiful to you
PT Cruiser your book is like poetry
PT Cruiser your book is better than poetry I mean
PT Cruiser I was offended
PT Cruiser you dox your racist grandma
PT Cruiser your dumb manager
PT Cruiser you are horrible to Maria
PT Cruiser she can’t speak English
PT Cruiser so much that bothered me so much
PT Cruiser I couldn't put it down though
PT Cruiser you don’t hold back car
PT Cruiser you are a mess of contradictions
PT Cruiser you go for it you go all the way
PT Cruiser terrible thoughts but there they are
PT Cruiser diarrhea classroom will stay with me always
PT Cruiser also Paul

Brendan O’Connor:

omg what

Leah Reich:

PT Cruiser I can’t believe I’m saying this
PT Cruiser I hope people read your book
ok that's my review

Leah Reich lives in the Bay Area and likes avocados. cruisin to the finish line: speed secrets is available online.

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Mr. B (#10,093)

I am so very very confused right now. What is "Twitter" again?

KarenUhOh (#19)

Damn I wish I'd written it all down when I was 13. Wait. I did.

Bobby Womack (#4,074)

Even with adblock, the LCE/RCE are clickable links that take me to a page for Dewar's. Boo.

More on topic, I do not know what this is. But the book cover reminds me of Catbus, and that's always a good thing.

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