Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Best Guesses At Prince's Email Address


• ☩

• ⸮((¯°·._.• ρяɨɲȼ€ •._.·°¯))?




• RIDEmy♞

• letsgo☃




• ♂♀@⚢.me


• ::white doves carry a purple ruffled envelope adorned with calligraphed script as a response to your email::

Alex J. Mann is a writer, director and comedian living in New York City. He’s written for Nickelodeon, The Morning News, CollegeHumor and National Lampoon. You can check out his comedy projects here and follow him on Twitter here.

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Virtual_Memories (#3,040)

I remember how bummed I was when I found out who belonged to. I was SURE it belonged to Prince.

Mr. B (#10,093)

@Virtual_Memories That's definitely my most disappointing clickthrough of the day.

Bittersweet (#765)

@Virtual_Memories Maybe it's I don't even want to try it, for fear of disappointment.

Josh Jacobs@twitter (#216,418)

Sweet but no reference to his actual (lame) song on Emancipation, "Emale"?

GailPink (#9,712)


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