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The Man Who Makes Money Publishing Your Nude Pics

The word "hated" adorns Hunter Moore's social-media bios. He has drawn the ire of the music industry, young people from all over the United States (as well as Canada, England and Australia), of privacy defenders—and, well, of many, many other people who happen to come across his website, Is Anyone Up?, and find it appalling. The death threats have not fazed him. Nor has the spectre of lawsuits; while many have been threatened, to Moore's knowledge, not one has been filed.

The stabbing, though; that did get his attention. A young woman, unhappy to have had her pictures posted on his site, ambushed Moore one afternoon in March as he walked to his mailbox. The gash to his shoulder required a trip to the hospital. Moore now no longer posts pictures of anyone from his hometown of San Francisco on his site.

Is Anyone Up? is fairly simple in concept: someone anonymously submits nude photos to Moore through the site's submission form. Perhaps it’s a jilted ex, or a recent hookup, or a vengeful friend. These days, the site receives many self-submissions as well. Provenance doesn’t matter. Moore uploads those photos and attaches identifying screen-grabs from the person’s Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter accounts—whatever’s available. He sometimes adds a pithy caption and a reaction gif at the end, usually from a television show or meme. And that’s pretty much it. Is Anyone Up? currently receives, Moore said, 30 million page views a month.


Moore has cleared up to $13,000 a month from the site, but that amount fluctuates and nearly all of it is put back into the site. The server bill alone is $8,000 a month. In addition, Moore, who is 25, must also pay his lawyer, a newly hired PR person, a server administrator, and two security specialists, whose primary responsibility is to age-check the submissions. I spoke with Moore at length over the phone several times in the past few weeks. While his conversation is peppered with “dudes” and “motherfuckers,” under all that seeming casualness he is clearly shrewd when it comes to business matters and the Internet. He's aware he could be capitalizing on advertisements and bringing in a lot more money, but for now he enjoys the freedom that the lack of advertisers gives him.

Moore said he generally spends 12 hours a day, five days a week uploading posts to his site. There are different varieties of posts. One category is "band whores," which include a list of all members of a band that someone allegedly slept with. There are "gnargoyles," a term reserved for people Moore deems particularly unattractive. Other classifications include: "would" or "would not" and "gay" or "straight." When Moore comes across a Facebook profile he likes, a "bounty" goes out for nude photos of that person. "Please get naked" and "just show the shaft" are also used to urge people to self-submit photos. Unlike many co-ed sites out there, Is Anybody Up? features just as many men as women, if not more.

Another of the site's regular features is "Daily Hate," outraged correspondence from people who have had their pictures posted without their consent (example—that link, like many others in this story, NSFW). Some letters threaten; others attempt to cajole him into removing the photos. Often times, Moore will post private chats between him and a postee, in which they insult him or agree to send him pictures for his personal use but not for the site. Sometimes he'll add their pictures.

The bigger the reaction, the better the traffic.

“People threaten me with lawsuits every day, which is funny, because it fuels the site,” said Moore. “The people that get mad hate my site and want to take it down. They send me all this crazy stuff, but at the same time they’re just building content for my site, which just makes me more popular.”

When Moore tells you that he does not give a fuck, it seems like he actually means it. He regularly posts photos of himself naked, and even, once, a video of him drunkenly masturbating. His cellphone number, email address and Facebook page have been regularly featured on the site. Increasingly, he posts lurid stories from his personal life.

In roughly nine months of the site's active existence, a cult of personality has grown up around Moore. An army of commenters reveres him and is quick to jump to his defense whenever he is attacked. I've seen a couple women offer up their virginity. Teenagers tell him that they will be submitting their pictures to him as soon as they turn 18. Many of these kids are “scene kids.” Swoopy hair, plug earrings, facial piercings, colorful tattoos. They listen to pop-punk and post-hardcore bands. They often have Tumblrs filled with earnest lyrics about love and love lost from bands that play on the Warped tour. And they leave hundreds of comments and responses every day to Moore on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

In these exchanges, Moore is much the same as he is on his website. When a 14 year old questioned him on Tumblr whether his site was going to be around in four years because she wanted to be on it, he replied, “Yeah, hurry up.” When people post to Tumblr saying they feel sorry for Moore, or calling him a drug addict with no future, he reposts it and adds a stock photo of himself looking sad.

In his conversations with me, Moore maintained that the site is all in good fun. But sometimes it seems like he holds a grudge, such as the situation with Emily Gimmel that took place a few weeks ago.

Gimmel, a D-list reality-tv star on a show called "Southern Belles: Louisville," had some salacious photos posted on the site. She threatened a defamatory suit alleging the pictures weren’t her, and continued to lash out at Moore through social media. She then became the subject of a number of posts.

When I questioned him about it a week or so later, he claimed to barely remember the incident. “Oh yeah! She’s dumb. She told me the FBI was going to be on it. I’m like, 'They don’t care about you!'" said Moore. "That stuff is just funny to me, but it got played out after a few days. Nobody cares about it now; it’s just another day."


To some, the FBI investigation rumor might not seem far-fetched. After all, following a yearlong investigation by the FBI, Christopher Chaney was indicted on 26 counts for releasing nude photos of celebrities, including Scarlett Johansson.

Those photos, however, were stolen. Moore walks a legal tightrope that so far has him on the right side of the law. His pictures are all legally acquired. And he never assumes ownership. Yet, as dismaying as it may be for those behind the flurry of public inquiries about why Moore is not in jail, he is not breaking any law.

Indeed, as Forbes explored this summer, Moore has done a thorough job of guarding himself against legal issues. “I’m very careful of what I do. Sometimes I get fucked up and write defamatory shit and it gets taken down, but I’m not breaking any laws. What are they gonna file a lawsuit against?” he said.

As Aaron Messing, an information privacy lawyer at OlenderFeldman LLP in New Jersey, explained it, Is Anyone Up? is protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996. The act provides immunity for Internet service providers—which is interpreted as including websites and blogs—who publish information provided by others. As long as Moore’s material is not illegal, such as child pornography, or copyrighted images, he is not liable. (Free takeaway lesson: file copyright take-down complaints, not defamation claims.)

“Mr. Moore, by only posting third-party content remains legally immune, even though he encourages people to send in pictures,” said Messing.

That’s why the submission form is so important. It is, essentially, a contract. “Anything defamatory, it’s not mine, it’s yours. You’re taking 100% ownership, I’m not taking the copyright," Moore said. "With my site, I don’t want any of that."

When pictures get sent in, and the sender has completed the submission form, the submission goes into a queue. Moore's two security specialists then use a number of Internet-based research companies and a photo investigation system to verify ages to ensure that no pictures of anyone under 18 are posted.

This is Moore's defense against claims that he's posted child pornography. (Our conversation about this topic, by the way, was the only time during our interviews that Moore turned remotely serious.) While accusations are frequently lobbied against the site, Moore is adamant that he has never posted photos of anyone under 18. He also said that he's worked with police agencies to help catch people who have submitted such photos, including one recent cooperative effort with the Virginia Beach Police, although he declined to give further details. “It’s the Internet. It’s horrible,” Moore said. “I will do anything I can and I will work with any police department so I can take you down.”

18- and 19-year-olds? That's a different story. And Moore's attitude toward the people who've had their pictures submitted without their consent seems unsympathetic at best, malicious at worst. “This might sound kind of shitty, but for me, I’m such an open person…. I’ve posted myself drunkenly masturbating, I’ve posted my phone number. I don’t really care. I’m mentally strong I guess. I can handle this shit, but I guess there’s some people who can’t,” he said.


A number of the people who've had their pictures on Is Anyone Up? without their consent have shut down their Facebook accounts and closed all other avenues of Internet contact, due to the flood of messages and requests they receive after a posting goes live. This can make it hard to get in touch with those who might have the strongest reasons to speak out against Moore. But some people have spoken publicly about it. This woman described the experience on Tumblr:

I was submitted to by my ex-boyfriend. I am confronted by friends, family and strangers that they have seen me naked online everyday…. You may think it’s funny but sometimes [I] don’t want to leave my house and go to the mall with my family because I fear somebody will come up to me while I’m with my mother and mention it. My sisters… are ashamed to be related with me and want to lie to their friends that they are my sisters. I am a disgrace to my family…. My self worth has gone out the window and I worry I may never get it back. This keeps me one step away from happiness every single day. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Here is what will happen if your pictures are posted on IAU: The site's commenters will either harshly critique your body or compliment it. Your Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr accounts with be bombarded by friend requests and solicitations.

Some people I spoke to saw this as a good thing. Others I interviewed did not.

Twenty-year-old Sasha (names changed at request) found herself posted recently. She had been visiting the site for a while, and even submitted some people. “I thought it was kind of cool, until I realized that other people were submitting those [pictures] posted on the site, which I thought was a little malicious, but eventually I fell into the fray and began submitting photos of jerks I’ve encountered,” she told me.

Sasha, however, soon found herself posted, too. She had sought out Moore to “have a little fun,” and to ask why some of her submissions hadn’t been posted. She got into a risqué conversation with him that he posted to the site, and later someone else submitted nudes of hers she had sent out.

“At first I was devastated,” she said. A lot of guys and girls contacted her through Facebook, and also “a lot of really mean people were posting hurtful comments, calling me a slut, calling me nasty.”

She said it was tough, but eventually things calmed down—and she met a lot of people through the site, including her new boyfriend. “So now I’m a little flattered by all the new attention and I really enjoy the new company from all these guys and gals. It makes me feel like a mini-celeb."

But shortly after our exchange, Sasha deactivated her Facebook account. When I asked her why by email, she said she needed a break from social media.

Krissy, a college student from Oregon is an active commenter on the site. While her photos have never appeared on the site, she actively communicates and trades pictures with a number of other commenters. “I like the voyeurism of it, the fact that these people’s private lives are exposed,” she said. “I like seeing Facebook profiles and knowing what those people look like naked.”

Now that Moore has linked the commenting system to Facebook, an extended network has formed, one that actively encourages participation and connections. Among many of the commenters and postees I spoke to there's a strong feeling of community. They like IAU: They get to see members of their favorite bands naked and sometimes people they know. Twitter is awash with tweets about people bumping into someone from IAU, or seeing their cousin or former high school classmate on the site. People often check and re-check the site to see if pictures of anyone they know have been posted.


Moore makes no apologies or attempts to rationalize what he does. “What do I have to defend myself against? It comes down to, you’re fucking stupid and I’m making money off your mistakes. It might sound rough, but how else are you going to learn not to do this again? It’s like you’re playing Russian Roulette like, oh, let’s hope this doesn’t get out.”

He grew up in the Sacramento area and attended a private Christian school until he was kicked out in 8th grade. “I was shy as fuck,” he said. “That’s probably why I am the way I am now. In a way I’ve always wanted my voice heard. All these people wouldn’t give me attention, they blew me off all the time, and now in one month I accomplish more than they have in a year.”

He’d been building businesses since his early teens; by age 16, he had already started a clothing line and built a gaming forum. Around that time, he started getting into the club and music scene his website would eventually focus on and "dressing like a tranny." After discovering social-networking prototypes Makeoutclub and LiveJournal he became convinced him he could put his Internet and networking skills to use and “do the Internet for life.”

“I’ve been networking since I was a little kid, pretty much. I didn’t know it at the time. It was like 'Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all,'” he said. The list of contacts and friends he made during this period would later serve as the startup followers (and subjects) of IAU.

By then he had long since dropped out of high school. He bounced around a few jobs and then attended beauty school. While working a retail job, he filed a sexual harassment suit that left him with a hefty settlement. (He said that the terms of the settlement don't allow him to comment further.)

From there Moore split time, first living in Williamsburg, before moving back to San Francisco and touring with the band The Millionaires as a manager of sorts. Convinced by a friend who was traveling the world and encouraged by some girls he had met on Myspace he moved to Australia.

By the time he returned to New York in 2010, he had lost every dollar and had to take a job doing hair styling for porn shoots. Moore describes this as a particularly dark period. “I’d never been so close to killing myself before. I had no money and was in serious debt. I went from the highest point of my life to the lowest, I just fucked up. No one that age should get that much money.”

Around this time, he had the idea for a website. In this first concept, Is Anyone Up? was going to be a travel guide dedicated to nightlife and traveling the world, a place for reviews of nights at venues as well as the telling of debauched stories. He bought the domain, but couldn’t focus his energy properly. “At that point, I was doing too many drugs, fucking randoms, and just generally out of it,” he said.

One night, while IMing with friends, Moore attempted to send a naked picture of a girl he was sleeping with. When it didn’t work, a friend convinced him to upload it to, then dormant. He and his friends started adding to the site, just for laughs, he said. A B9 forum poster somehow came across the site, and one day Moore checked the traffic and realized the site had gotten 14,000 unique hits the day before. That’s when things started to pick up.

Musicians became a fixture of the site. Many of the women Moore had met through the music scene had libraries of naked band member photos but no place to post them. “There was nowhere to go for these girls to look at straight, normal dudes naked,” said Moore. “All the girls I knew from the scene were like 'post this guy.'”

He posted pictures of a member of a band he now can’t recall. It was reposted lots of places, and Moore, noticing the traffic spike, realized he had to include men in the site concept. With every newly revealed guitarist, the traffic picked up.

The site now gets roughly 175,000 unique hits a day, according to Moore. ( put September traffic at about 100,000 a day.) And it’s growing. Quickly. So far he’s added very little advertising, though he does make money through merchandise. It’s enough to cover that $8,000 server bill with a little left over. He still does hair on the side for private clients.

Moore said to expect bigger things in the future. “I have some crazy shit that will change the world. It will be on TMZ. Big celebrities have sent me bigger celebrities, but as of now I’m not going to do that.”

Definitely in the works right now is a mobile app that Moore calls a game changer as far as social networking. Moore wouldn’t get specific, but did say that the technology is “something so different, but so simple, even Facebook will be jealous of me.”

"It’s going to be ready in, like, seven weeks," he said. "You’re going to love me." Already Moore is compiling a list from the site of beta testers.

Besides that, he’s working on starting a nonprofit to combat underage sexting. He plans on organizing lectures at local schools about the damage it can do. “My site is already an education on technology, how people abuse it. I think it’s dangerous to give any underage kid a cameraphone,” he said. He seemed serious.

As for advice for those who've had their pictures posted and aren't happy about it, Moore is his usual dismissive self. “Once you’re on page two, nobody gives a fuck anymore.”

Danny Gold is a journalist and filmmaker who lives in Brooklyn. He writes about crime, politics, boxing, culture and parties for a bunch of different New York newspapers.

Picture from Moore's Facebook page.

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Van Buren Boy (#1,233)


whizz_dumb (#10,650)

Oh shit, what have I done? This is another reason I'm super nice during and after a break-up.

marky mark (#178,995)

@whizz_dumb tell that to Rina…

flossy (#1,402)

This site is truly the slow-motion car crash of the internet. Appalling and enthralling in equal measure.

omitofo (#4,921)

so can the post-Gen-Y kids be called the "noodz generation"?

Amasa Amos (#9,654)

“This might sound kind of shitty, but for me, I’m such an open person…. I’ve posted myself drunkenly masturbating, I’ve posted my phone number. I don’t really care. I’m mentally strong I guess. I can handle this shit, but I guess there’s some people who can’t"

Can you spot the difference between posting your own personal information and someone else posting that information without your knowledge or consent? If not, you fail at life.

becky@twitter (#14,213)

@Amasa Amos i don't think that his statement qualifies as sounding "kind of" shitty. he is shitty. UGH.

riggssm (#760)

@Amasa Amos I don't know. Seems to me if you take pictures of yourself doing something you wouldn't to be posted on the internet, then the solution is to not take the picture in the first place.

Lolo U@twitter (#175,955)

@riggssm Ahh…the old classic: blaming the victim. Original!

Tulletilsynet (#333)

"I'm mentally strong, I guess." What a perfect motto. Anima fortem me puto with a douchebag rampant.

blahstudent (#175,967)

@riggssm this argument drives me INSANE. why is it that when the internet is involved, all sense of boundaries evaporate? it's not that hard to steal stuff/spy on people in the physical world either–creep around in the bushes long enough and you can probably see anybody you want to see naked. just because something is possible, doesn't make it acceptable.

riggssm (#760)

Geez. What happened to personal responsibility?

@blahstudent I don't know see how creeps in bushes have anything to do with this: the majority of pictures I see on his site are shitty iphone self-pics in a mirror.

@lola It was an observation, not "blame." Also, just because someone's panties are in a wad, does not make them a victim.

r&rkd (#1,719)

@Lolo U@twitter
When you first wrote that, I though, "Oh, poor Lolo has missed internet sarcasm." But nope, turns out there was no sarcasm intended! Wow.

blahstudent (#175,967)

@Amasa Amos 1. Just because something exists doesn't mean it belongs to you. 2. What about your responsibility to NOT steal shit, spy on people, or generally ruin people's lives for your own entertainment? Personal responsibility isn't just for other people.

collier (#13,548)

@Tulletilsynet : Oh my god, ah-mah-gaaaaahd. Now *that* is something that needs to be a website. Go, go right now and register For serious. I'll do the art.

barnhouse (#1,326)

All this is true but the man is so profoundly saddening, there is something so messed up and just wrecked and tormented about this young man. It is very upsetting, he is just a kid for god's sake where is his mama? Help!! Somebody do something!

moethewhat (#179,291)

@Amasa Amos Hunter actually has the phrase "desole mere" "sorry mother" tattooed across his chest. Yes he is a sad fucked up individual but atleast he realizes it.

HiredGoons (#603)

At least somebody finally figured out how to make money on the internet.

Danzig! (#5,318)

@HiredGoons The Village Voice had a similar idea

Lockheed Ventura (#5,536)

Thank God, I don't hear the crickets.

RonMwangaguhung (#3,697)

It is like … the most hideous, socially deviant, obviously wrong things get the most hits, make the most $$ online. Or, as Charlie Brown once said, "How can we lose when we're so sincere"

EggsErroneous (#10,609)

@RonMwangaguhung Did you ever see this movie ? Not that I'm saying what this guy is doing is even close, but the idea that the most abject things can be exploited because they are the most appealing reminds me of this movie.

RonMwangaguhung (#3,697)

@Elizabon I didn't see it, but I will. And I will shake my fist impotently at the screen. A nd the world will go back to rewarding the lowest common denominator

EFFY (#175,934)

This really sickens and disturbs me. I feel like maybe I'm over-reacting, but my first feeling about this was that it's like a form of sexual abuse and I can't believe he's allowed to get away with it.

deepomega (#1,720)

@EFFY It's important to realize he's not the problem, socially speaking – he's the megaphone for the problem. The people sending their photos for him are the ones who actually ARE committing tremendously fucked up crimes. And those are the ones to go after, too.

@EFFY I think it is a "chicken and egg" thing. Just because he is the provider of a platform, it doesn't mean that the platform is neutral, or that he is innocent. At some point, the creation of the site goes from "just giving the people what they want," to creating what people want. I must admit, I am baffled by his "non-profit to prevent underage sexting." Ummm…what? Does he think that makes him a good person? Or cancels out how he makes his livelihood?

Joey Camire (#6,325)

@deepomega Great point.

Nabonwe (#12,500)

@EFFY I completely agree, and I find the article's relatively blase tone completely off-putting. To me, what's at issue is less the unauthorized posting of nude pics (which is disgusting, but all over the internet these days) than the active targeting – for harassment and mockery – of the subjects involved. To me, that speaks not of internet freedom or sexual openness but of a kind of sadism that goes way beyond anything in run-of-the-mill porn.

People looking for amateur porn can find it anywhere, and they don't need to know the names of people involved. People who prefer this site want to know that the naked girls they're looking at are humiliated, upset and unwilling. These viewers are getting off not on nudity but on lack of consent, and to me that is disturbing as fuck.

The joyful judgment running rampant even in these comments, "Oh, you should have known better, if you take nude pictures you have to expect this kind of treatment" echoes the kind of moralizing, exploitative sexuality of an earlier era. This isn't some new mindset of the baby internet generation…it's straight outta the Puritan playbook: "your sexual behavior is disgusting and degrading, therefore, you deserve the hypersexualized punishment that I am about to take great pleasure in meting out to you." Whipping, a day in the stocks, a wave of degrading facebook messages – nothing gets the repressed sadists off as much as a good dose of public sex shaming.

Paul Hiebert (#9,352)

@deepomega Agreed.

awesome, a new generation of Tucker Max.

checkonetwo (#3,234)

@Sara Stryjewski@facebook Oh please. Tucker Max is nowhere near the level of this guy. Max has made missteps in the past but in general, he doesn't release girls' names and he definitely doesn't have a website he uses to post the naked photos girls send him. And you better believe there are girls out there who do that. He writes about his own exploits, and only mocks the actions of others insofar as they apply to his own life. Again, no identifying information EXCEPT Miss Vermont 1999, who was already a semi-public figure. This Moore character, on the other hand, is actively involved in harming far more people than Tucker Max has ever sought to.

checkonetwo (#3,234)

Actually, I forgot the most important difference between the two men. Tucker Max openly admits to being an asshole and understands that his actions are wrong, but acts anyway. This guy doesn't see the issue with what he is doing. Unless you think that this guy is simply a worse version of Tucker Max… In which case I think I'm frightened to see who comes next.

hazmathilda (#839)

@checkonetwo Yeah no Tucker Max still sucks

flossy (#1,402)

Hunter Moore's ethic's aside, I am a little shocked at how blase The Kids (and Anthony Weiner) are about taking and sending naked pictures of themselves to relative strangers. I'm not even old! Mid-twenties! But this is such a get-off-my-lawn/can't hear the crickets thing for me that I pretty much don't feel sorry for many of the people who end up on this site.

Shayla (#177,164)

@flossy Why shouldn't people be allowed to have a private sex life? That's like saying a girl who was wearing a short skirt deserved to get raped. Don't blame the victim.

flossy (#1,402)

@Shayla Umm because one can (indeed, I do) have a great private sex life that doesn't involve sending naked photos of myself via digital media which, at this point, we should all know is not entirely within our control? Email, text messages, tweets… how can anyone assume those things are truly "private" in this day and age? I'm not saying it's classy of Hunter Moore to post them, but who cares? If he didn't, someone else would.

I have no problem with people taking nude pics of themselves, or even with people sending those images around–but I do have a problem with hearing those same people protest when the pictures they took and they disseminated get out into a more pubic sphere that they originally intended. Tough shit, it's 2011, when you hit "send" you relinquish control. Can't deal with the possible consequences? Then don't do it.

Shayla (#177,164)

@flossy I'm aware of what year it is. I've taken nude photos with boyfriends and they're nowhere to be found on the internet. The point I was making isn't about the content itself, it's about the trashy, disrespectful, bitter people who post it around. There's really NO reason to post an intimate moment between you and a significant other (past or present) unless you have the maturity level of a 12 year old.

Matt Cornell (#8,797)

Joe Francis 2.0.

Also, it's ironic that this guy financed his nonconsensual amateur porn site with a settlement from a sexual harassment suit.

ep (#8,509)

@Matt Cornell
Also, that a high school drop out at the social margins spends his time trying to make others feel ashamed and ostracized.

eansel@twitter (#174,668)

So *this* is what Nietzsche was going on about with that whole "abyss gazes into you" spiel.

Matt Cornell (#8,797)

Also, the only viable takedown order is a stabbing? Noted.

eggplant (#2,003)

I hadn't even heard of the site before I read this article, but I have to wonder if maybe some of these shrieking & indignant 6-digit Awl commenters (welcome!) are actively refusing to learn from experience (their own or others') on the grounds that the guy offering the lesson might be a creep.

If you're at a party, or in bed, or wherever, and someone pulls out a B-berry and starts taking pictures of everyone and uploading them to FB, nobody complains to the photographer or asks him to delete any files containing your likeness. I do, but I'm old and weird and I'm not terrified of confronting people. Most people don't. And somehow Moore is duty-bound to self-censor but your friend with the i-phone is not? How does that begin to make sense?

candybeans (#176,001)

@eggplant while it is totally reasonable to expect that someone should request that photos be deleted if taken of incriminating acts if s/he doesn't want a permanent record of those acts to exist, it's also unreasonable to assume that the photographed individual can control whether or not those records are actually destroyed. It's not hard to make it look as though a photo is deleted, especially if you're tipsy in a bar. is the lesson we're to learn, "never drink publicly"?

StevenR (#213,813)

@candybeans: I was totally agreeing with you up until you mentioned "is the lesson we're to learn, 'never drink publicly'? Thats too brash of a suggestion. I am aware of several avid drinkers, including myself, who, even under the influence of perhaps an "excessive" amount of alcohol, see no reason to put themselves in such sexually compromising (or perhaps just sexually revealing) situations. Simply put, no matter how drunk my friends or I have gotten (and believe me, I've drank QUITE ALOT on many occasions), we've never felt the need to act like horny teenagers and get explicit pictures snapped of ourselves. Personally, If nothing else, when I am drinking alcohol, I make sure to never drink so much that I become unaware of what is happening in relation to myself. Was I on the right track with where you were going? Yes, no? Well, anyhow, I digress… to the tenth degree haha

Chloe H@twitter (#175,994)

I think there's a deep conflict of interest when someone who glorifies, romanticizes, and injects thrill into sexting and hypersexualized use of technology wants to suddenly start a non-profit around underage sexting. Sorry, but you can't make something so commercially appealing and then say "but hey, don't do that til you're 18".

candybeans (#176,001)

@Chloe H@twitter that does seem a little bit CYA of him–especially since the demo to which this sort of thing most appeals is young adolescents who don't have the ability to imagine what life will be like for them in 10 years when their prospective employer can easily find nude pictures of them on the internet. It is not hard for me to imagine myself making that sort of stupid decision when i was that age out of sheer loneliness/insecurity, but thankfully, I'm too old to have had the chance.

ericdeamer (#945)

This isn't you guys putting out feelers to turn the Awl into something like this is it? Ha ha! kidding! (Unless people are into it).

Tom Hymes@facebook (#176,036)

Despite the link at the bottom of the page, there is no way this site is compliant with 18usc 2257, which requires records to be kept of all models. He approves all images before they're posted. He's liable. Too bad they aren't doing inspections now. If they were, he's a goner. Not that I really care, but still…

Danzig! (#5,318)

Little Perez.

Makes sense that he managed Millionares. Remember Jessi Slaughter? Same scene. Hyper-sexual trash-pop, by kids and for kids. It's everything you hate about teenagers.

bocadelperro (#9,676)

@Danzig! yes, except now we run the risk of seeing their naughty parts when going about our daily business. I'm 28, and I work with kids this age, and I'm having a "get off my lawn!" moment.

Cy Denton@facebook (#176,213)

I think it's funny that people raise such a stink about it. Honestly, I love IAU? and I think Hunter is a pretty cool guy.
As far as a disgruntled ex or vengeful friend submitting you, don't get pissypants about it. It should teach you a lesson; if you send nudes to your buddy, they're liable to post them somewhere. Don't put out there what you don't want out there. If you don't want your nudes on IAU, then don't send them to people. Keep the nudes to yourself when you have sexytime with the person you think you love.

And remember, kids: #NBHNC

Tully Mills (#6,486)

@Cy Denton@facebook The point is, if someone wants to send nudes to someone, that someone should be trust worthy enough to not post them publicly to a website or other public forum. Enough people have felt their intimacy violated by untrustworthy people and yes, as someone not personally invested, it becomes easy to say "well if you don't want [a] then you shouldn't do [b]" but it becomes an unnecessary thing to point out with a little empathy.

Shayla (#177,164)

@Cy Denton@facebook I think that's a really weak argument. You should be able to have a personal life without someone exploiting it. If I want to take pictures of me fucking my boyfriend, that's between us. If someone happens to steal those pictures and post them, that's a violation of privacy. How would you feel if someone posted your social security number online? It's the same thing. He's an awful, sad person and I know him in real life. There's nothing cool about him. He's addicted to drugs and is malicious for nothing but attention for himself.

Anomalocaris (#179,054)

@Cy Denton@facebook
So, the message you want people to get is 'don't take any picture that you wouldn't be willing to have the entire Internet see'? Fuck that, and fuck you (on camera, but with a license permitting every free site EXCEPT IAU to post it, because I'm just that kind of bitch.). If people take your message to heart, you know what happens? Only exhibitionists and stupid people will take naked pictures of themselves. That means that there will be fewer naked pictures in the world, and those of us who LIKE it when our lovers send them naked pictures will be disappointed that much more often.

moethewhat (#179,291)

@Shayla that's why he doesn't post stollen pictures he posts "sent" pictures. Once you press send they are no longer personal property

Jes Lacey@facebook (#180,210)

@Cy Denton@facebook @Cy Denton@facebook What exactly make him cool? His shitty attitude about the world in general or his website full of dick picks? This kid has a lose more compass, and probably a sociopath. No wonder him, and people who worship this kind of behavior (like yourself)didnt have friends in high school. Judging by your picture I would kill myself If I heard you thought I was cool.

You obviously never received privet pics from a significant other… Remember- these are someones daughter and girlfriend. I wouldnt be surprised if someone beat the life out of this kid, that's if he doesnt end up in jail first.

I would love for you to express support for this inexcusable behavior to someone in person, you coward. Disgusting.

Shayla (#177,164)

@moethewhat Not actually true. If you know anything about photography copyright laws, the person who takes the picture owns the copyright. Why do you think he has a DMCA form on his website and content gets removed regularly?

latenac (#44,473)

I'm not really up on my pornography laws but how is it ok for underage kids to have access to a site whose main purpose is to post nude photos? Or is there some lameass thing where you agree that you're over 18 before you get to view photos?

r&rkd (#1,719)

Isn't one solution an amendment of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act? I've wondered for a while whether its exemption from liability is overbroad.

SeanP (#4,058)

@josiah Not a lawyer here, but I don't think you get exemption from liability if you're actively involved in vetting the pictures before posting – only if you let anyone post without any screening.

whizz_dumb (#10,650)

After sleeping on it, this article was actually shocking to me since I didn't know that site existed. I can't help but make the unoriginal point that alerting us (1 billion+?) Awl visitors to the site is probably generating a lot of traffic for it, making this juicebox more moneys. Nonetheless, I support the public condemnation.

0rion (#176,870)

Funny how he failed to mention his affinity for also, from time to time, posting photo sets with the big, bold caption of "Herps Confirmed". Claiming people have herpes based simply on the word(s) of a jilted ex or friend or a poorly-photoshopped Valtrex medicine bottle with the name changed.

How he, just yesterday, asked his on-site followers whether or not he should post a photo of a now-deceased girl that was taken by someone at "a friend's house while the girl was drunk". With that logic, you're stupid for even drinking in front of people now!?!

How he has said in at least one past interview that if someone wanted something taken down, "all they had to do was ask" when he has proven time and again this is not the case.

How much of his "income" he snorts up his nose.

How he has asked his on-site followers with help paying his server bill. (See statement immediately before this one)

How he acts as if his drug issues and f***-anything-with-a-vagina-and-then-post-her-on-IAU days are in the past when they're still occurring.

I could go on for hours. The fact is the guy is taking a legal gray area and jumping on it just for the almighty dollar. He is a waste of skin and oxygen-use. I have zero doubt that his death will come at the hands of one of his (however indirect) victims and you'll be hard-pressed to distinguish the mourners from those cheering when that day comes. Sad, but true.

Slowing down to look at a serious car accident is legal too, but it takes a pretty damn pathetic person to pull over to do nothing but go through the proverbial pockets of the victims.

"It's just the Internet" right? Yeah? Well, it's real people with real lives and real consequences behind those screens. To allow this idiot to prosper doing what he's currently doing is legal but also gives way to basically saying, "You can never, ever, EVER take a nude photo for your significant other again".

zirzabella (#180,832)

@0rion But seriously, You SHOULD never, ever, EVER take a nude photo for your significant other. You just shouldn't trust anyone that much, specially not while you're in love with them, thinking they're the most beautifulest sexiest supercoolest beings on Earth.
And that's why I think Moore is teaching the internets a valuable lesson. Keep your private parts off the internet. End of story, good night, kids.

Shayla (#177,164)

He's a compulsive liar. That story about him being "attacked" never happened. 30 million views? Um no. He's a drug addict with no life who still lives with his parents. He's broke and goes to the hospital regularly for ODs. Give me a break with this attention whore.

No Sex City@twitter (#177,286)

Cannot wait to hear this dude got shut down for 2257 violations. Or posting (more) photos of minors–it's going to happen, and I think his comeuppance is more than overdue at this point.

Keyser Soze (#178,704)

The best way to combat this sort of thing is to copyright the pictures he is using of you then nail him for copyright infringement. The way he operates it would be incredibly easy to take this guy down.

Consolation: People that tend to put paint targets on themselves usually get whats coming to them. I can envision this guy weeping in a psych ward curled in a ball incoherently weeping about why people just wont leave him alone.

turd_sandwich (#5,660)

May I agree with a little bit of everything contained in the comments?

Also, on the whole "internet is making the world smaller" tip, we need to say "bye-bye" to recent (in terms of human history) notions of privacy. This site is evidence to me that that we live in a big, scary, technological, urbanized world and should expect small village levels of privacy.

moethewhat (#179,291)

@Amasa Amos Hunter actually has the phrase "desole mere" "sorry mother" tattooed across his chest. Yes he is a sad fucked up individual but atleast he realizes it.

Of course after reading this article I had to go look and the site blows.
This clown is making money with the few (mostly trashy and poor res) pictures?
I doubt it.
More like they probably are trying to influence public opinion in favor of the upcoming restrictions on the net (protect IP act..) by trotting the lowlife out as an example of how the internet must be censored.
Oh, if you haven't already, contact your rep and tell them what you think about the internet censorship bill. It takes 30 seconds, they even find your rep and send the note.

lol that's why he has to make money off of other people. it's good he's getting naked pics sent to him; no way he's getting it irl.

what's up with these trendy losers i made fun of in high school posting my ex's n00dz

fuckyou (#214,245)

she should have went for his pencil dicked penis, he is a worthless piece of shit. rot in hell hunter moore.

pretty fucking pathetic, kids these days

go smash pissers instead of talking about each other in front of everyone you fucking fevered lil egos… you little shits these days need to do something real, you're straight up devolving your species.

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Play I some music. History repeating itself…..Bradley noelle knew we're ???? PEOPLe. Jailhouse gets empty

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