Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Football Pick Haikus For Week 11

Thursday, November 17

NY Jets -6 At Denver
Thursday Night Football!
So just DVR "Whitney"
and never watch it. PICK: JETS

Sunday, November 20

At Atlanta -6 Tennessee
Atlanta coach blew
their last game in Overtime.
Falcons are grumpy. PICK: FALCONS

At Miami -2 Buffalo
"Don't Stop Believing"
sang Journey and that also
covers "Bill-lieving." PICK: BILLS

At Baltimore -7 Cincinnati
Ravens don't show up
against teams that suck but the
Bengals do not suck. PICK: RAVENS

At Cleveland -1 Jacksonville
Play this game on an
Aircraft Carrier! Losing
Team walks the damned plank. PICK: JAGUARS

Oakland -1 At Minnesota
I'd ask Prince to play
halftime shows at Vikings games.
At least you'd see Prince. PICK: RAIDERS

At Detroit -7 Carolina
Lions gearing up
for their big Thanksgiving game.
Panther apéritif. PICK: LIONS

At Green Bay -14 Tampa Bay
The Bay of Pigs Game!
Packers might want to lose once
to take pressure off. PICK: BUCCANEERS

Dallas -7.5 At Washington
Some people want to fire
Redskins owner Dan Snyder.
Maybe he can QB. PICK: COWBOYS

At San Francisco -9.5 Arizona
It's Bandwagon Time!
Coach Jim Harbaugh is Gandalf!
Frodo is his QB! PICK: 49ERS

At St. Louis -1.5 Seattle
Starbucks is closing
their public restrooms but you
should still take leaks there. PICK: SEAHAWKS

At Chicago -3.5 San Diego
The Chargers will start
winning now like they always
do in November. PICK: CHARGERS

At NY Giants -4.5 Philadelphia
Cris Collinsworth calls
Michael Vick "Mike Vick" which gives
me aneurysms. PICK: GIANTS

Monday, November 21

At New England -15 Kansas City
Matt Cassel is hurt
so New England won't get to
thank him for leaving. PICK: CHIEFS

Last week's Haiku Picks went 6-11. Grim! Season to date is 67-81-3.

Jim Behrle tweets at @behrle for your possible amusement.

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Do you know that I
Use these picks as legit
Income tax write offs?

I'm very much enjoying the Oakland/Minnesota haiku.

Niko Bellic (#1,312)

As a Raiders fan, tonight was the one time I rooted for the Jets. Shudder. You people have like… one guy who can play. The guy who got thrown in jail for shooting himself in the leg. Watching professional football is supposed to be fun, you know.

Bittersweet (#765)

I realize replacing "some people" in the Dallas/Wash haiku with "everyone in DC" throws off the meter, but it's more accurate.

As a Detroit fan, don't you want the Packers' one loss to happen next week?

Jim Behrle@twitter (#13,157)

@Bittersweet It's called thanksgiving, not Miracle Day

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