Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Baby, You're A Firework

Amy Jean Porter's first book, Of Lamb, a collaboration with the poet Matthea Harvey, was just recently published. Her show at P.P.O.W. Gallery in Manhattan is up through this Friday, July 22.

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MatthewGallaway (#1,239)

Soooo great! #teamlily

Bettytron (#575)

Wow, I could fall into that tiger lily drawing. Beautiful and hilarious, as always.

Rod T (#33)

Amazing that such a shit song could inspire beauty.

(Seriously, the woman barks like a fucking seal.)

Dave Bry (#422)

"Fun weed balls!"

The drawings are wonderful as usual. But I think this might be my very favorite example of Amy Jean Porter's "Writings in a Hurry" yet.

"Bursty flickery fade-fade-fade…"

theheckle (#621)

@Dave Bry Such a great description of the beat of a shadow on a moving platform.

Edith Zimmerman (#5,210)

AMY!!!!! Oh my god I love these

nzle (#6,611)

Blah Dee La Dee Doot Yee ahhhhhh this whole thing is so perfect!

Now that's I've read through the whole post it is lovely. But the first lilly triggered a PTSD reaction in me, i.e. OH GOD IT'S A GEORGIA O`KEEFE EXHIBIT WHERE DO I RUN TO??
Going to college in the 70's left its scars, I tell you.

SeanP (#4,058)

I looove this post. Every 4th of July my daughter and I cut a bouquet that's supposed to evoke fireworks. We always pick red bee balms, white Shasta daisies, and blue(ish) butterfly bush, filled in with whatever else might seem patriotic and firework-y.

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