Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

PJ Harvey, "Written On The Forehead"

this lady is the bestThis just in: A new PJ Harvey song from her forthcoming album Let England Shake, which comes out next February. The song is a half-spiky, half-spacey track that finds Harvey exploring the upper register of her voice the way she did on White Chalk; it is called "Written On The Forehead," and it's definitely not what I expected after hearing other songs she'd been working on. (A sampling of artists/labels name-checked by friends who'd heard the track: Deerhunter, Cocteau Twins, the Knife, Kate Bush, "early 4AD," "almost Stones Throw.") But what fun would the predictable be? Stream after the jump.

Right? BTW:

Let England Shake was recorded in a 19th Century church in Dorset with long time collaborator Flood who co-produced the album with PJ Harvey, John Parish and Mick Harvey. The record was also mixed by Flood.

[Stream via 17 dots]

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Holy shit! Yes Deerhunter, but Deerhunter fronted by Yoko Ono?

growler (#476)

Different. But I likee!

Still wrapping my head around this. I think this is her biggest departure yet?

jetztinberlin (#392)

"early 4AD"

hman (#53)

I adore her but…nah :(

dntsqzthchrmn (#2,893)

Wait, is that a Hannah Weiner reference?

BadUncle (#153)

La Peej never fails to be interesting.

KarenUhOh (#19)

Syd Barrett/Robyn Hitchcock-upskirt hypnoshit, I kinda sorta really like.

Call it Sleep (#8,038)

Seems like she's gotten back to the allegorical lyrical stuff, a la Is This Desire. Dreamy.

MollyBloomberg (#1,169)

The vocal treatment is very Cocteau Twins. Very much like. This would have killed on "120minutes."

zidaane (#373)


Craig Brownson (#4,257)

this is such a delightful surprise!

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