Thursday, September 16th, 2010

PJ Harvey, "The Last Living Rose"

Nestled in the extremely heartening announcement that Polly Jean Harvey could be releasing a follow-up to 2007's White Chalk early next year was a clip of "The Last Living Rose," a new song that she premiered live last year at the Camp Bestival fest. Why it took so long for a new PJ Harvey song to make its way to someone who considers herself a pretty big fan of the performer in question is a matter that will likely be part of my endless ruminations about the unwieldy nature of "keeping up" in an era where there is simply too much media, and how the resulting glut leads to even the most well-meaning people having their brains overcluttered with minutiae regarding phenomena like 3Oh!3 and Jersey Shore. But for real, I could go on about that for days. (And I really don't need to trigger any more dreams about Jersey Shore, thanks.) So let's put that aside for now and enjoy the song, which was apparently written on the Autoharp Peej wielded on White Chalk yet possesses a gritty edge reminiscent of her earliest material. [Via]

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Beautiful. It's her "Jerusalem".

Polly Jean and Suprchunk. Both were missed, took some off, smoothed their heads out. Glad to see them both back and with some good shit to share from their travels.

I hope she keeps some of that atmosphere that worked so radly for her on White Chalk. I tend to favor the later, less ragged stuff she's done from Is This Desire and on, but it's all good.

BobbyJim (#1,942)

Don't know if you've heard her other new song yet; here it is:
PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

Have you seen the other new song she played at that Camp Bestival show, Let England Shake? I enjoy it more than Last Living Rose, and the sample is used well.

Ha, was in other windows for a while and didn't see BobbyJim's comment. The one time the auto-refresh would've been useful…

BobbyJim (#1,942)

Now I'll have "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" in my head for the rest of the day.

Also: is it just me or does her black feather outfit look like something out of Dr. Seuss's The 5000 Fingers of Doctor T?

Slappy (#5,332)

Just saw this version of Grow Grow Grow. It's nuts nuts nuts good, way better than the album. Older song.

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