The Annotated White House Flickr Feed: When Two Presidents Get It On

Here are GQ's Ana Marie Cox and the Huffington Post's Eat the Press editor Jason Linkins to explain our Muslim President’s hot gay affair with wee yet hot Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, through the joys of the White House’s Flickr feed!

Jason: Oh, wow! You realize she’s back in Michelle Obama’s Kiss And Cry Room! (Previously, on Michelle Obama’s Kiss And Cry Room.)
Ana: It actually looks like it may be a very special White House edition of What Not To Wear.


President Obama presides over the world’s most boring game of Simon Says.


Obama’s like: “You know, in my situation room, we have these wall sized iPads. But we can make due with these corkboards, I guess.”


Ana: Poor Mayor of Gulfport, the only guy who wore a tie. I can’t help but notice in the luncheon picture that someone did not even touch their hushpuppies.

Jason: It looks like every meal I have ever had on the Outer Banks, minus the joy (and the bourbon).


Ana: Blurry GOP, sad Obama. That’s pretty much the narrative for 2012.

Jason: You just did Chuck Todd’s work for him.

Ana: Put me on MEET THE PRESS, dammit!

Jason: God, I’d actually look forward to that show, if you were on it.


Orange Beach, Alabama’s Tacky Jacks preps for its first “Wet POTUS contest!”


Jason: I despair of the way this White House Flickr page is organized! That Mike McFaul thing we already did is still on the front page!

Ana: YES. Though there is Reverend Falwell!

Jason: I think you mean Billy Graham, though it’s an easy mistake to make.

Ana: Yes. Who is now so liver-spotted that he is also biracial.

Jason: Okay, well, now we’ve captioned that photo, haven’t we?


And now, this month in “Obama pensively listening to the world fall apart around him in the Situation Room.”

Next: Garth Brooks???

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