The Annotated White House Flickr Feed: He's Got Your Health Care Right Here

One man stalks our President. His name is Pete Souza. Day and night, he tries to shoot the President, through every opening available. That is what she said, and here are GQ‘s Ana Marie Cox and the Huffington Post’s Eat the Press editor Jason Linkins to explain this man’s madness.


Yeah, what this image doesn’t capture is the moment DNC chair Tim Kaine tried to slip a twenty into Barack’s waistband.


As a condition of aid, any nation in need has to agree to send their First Ladies — that’s Elizabeth Preval of Haiti, above, and Ada Papandreou of Greece, below — to spend time in the Michelle Obama Kiss and Cry Room. (The degree to which each is turned to Michelle demonstrates their relative indebtedness.)

5Yep. Someone let Obama wander too near the Lincoln portrait again!

6Obama leaves his left-handed graffiti tag on some clean wall. So tough shit, gentrifiers.

7Jeesh, what is with Rahm’s purple pullover? Is that a loaner from Axelrod?

8Seriously, who else gets their picture taken, going over paperwork?

9When the White House wants to get a counter-cultural figure that’s neither clean nor articulate, they get Bob Dylan.

10Boehner and Obama discuss melanin.

BOEHNER: “Yeah, well it takes me this many trips to the tanning salon to achieve this rich, blood-orange color.”

12Here’s how the Pete Souza “Hero, Pensively Framed” magic happens.

13White House doctor Jeffrey Kuhlman, seen here tooling around in the “spare limousine,” obviously needs a lesson from Sebelius on how to keep from spreading his goddamn germs around.

14This is what Tim Geithner looks like when he is flirting. Now you know how that works.

15What? Peter Orszag wears cowboy boots? Did he lose a bet or something?

16Obama’s personal aide is “Reggie Love.” He doesn’t just SOUND like a hot athletic star, he IS a hot athletic star. Joe Biden’s personal aide, seen above, is “Fran Person” — if that is in fact his real name. But, uh, either way: suits him.

17Meet Erskine Bowles and Alan K. Simpson, your National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform co-chairs. Hey, if those foreheads can’t solve the financial crisis, whose forehead can?

18Barack Obama meets with Leo McGarry.

19Obama looks at pictures of people who have gotten high more than he has.

20White House staffers pass the time on Air Force One playing Celebrity Password.

21HARRY REID: “Yep, we’re gonna pass health care reform by about THIS much.”

21Oh, America. Your second black president is still pretty white.

21Uhm. Wow. Your move, Carla Bruni.

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