"How do Girls Wearing Rompers Go to the Bathroom?"

I CANNOT SUPPORT YOU LADIES WEARING THISThis is one of the five things you see on Twitter before you die. (Another being TWEETS FROM YOUR GLEEFUL EXECUTIONER.) It is: “How do girls wearing rompers go to the bathroom? Is it just really awkward?” Well, it had to be asked. Because apparently the romper/jumpsuit thing is out of control-so much so that the Houston Chronicle, that arbiter of fashion, is all over it. Oh yes: “There are short romper styles at Wal-Mart and elegant jumpsuits at Nordstrom and other upscale retailers.” Wal-Mart, people. And “upscale”-like Nordstrom! Oh my. Also NewsNet5 is on the case: “Rompers are all the rage this summer!” Haha, oh boy. So what’s the answer about the whole peeing thing?

The answer may not surprise anyone. :(

@davidcho HUGE. PAIN. IN. THE. ASS. drinking + rompers = pending disasterFri Jun 18 18:42:53 via Twitterrific

So you mean….

@davidcho you pee to one side.Fri Jun 18 18:49:43 via TweetDeck

Ah. Got it. Enjoy summer!