All Of The End Of The World

Thanks to everyone who participated in our end of the world exercise. Perhaps you missed one of two during the hectic holiday week. Good news: they’re all here! Print and save for later… or for the actual end of the world. You’ll have plenty of time for reading then.

Actions Have Consequences, or, I’ll See You in Hell, by Miles Klee

At the End of the World with Gauntlet Hair, by Matthew Perpetua

Galactic Zero, by Rachel Herman-Gross

Going To Zero, by Kevin Depew

Mannahatta, Mon Amour, by Matthew Gallaway

Massachusetts 2011: The Abstract State, by Jessanne Collins

Not Calling Next Year ‘Twenty Eleven’ Will Be the End of Us All, by Jack Stuef

Our Brief Fossil Record, by Hillary Frey

Possible Resolutions For The Apocalypse Year, by Natasha Vargas-Cooper

Social Networking Alternatives For After the Apocalypse, by Alex Blagg

Stand-Up in the Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland: Journal Excerpts of the Omega Comedian, by Josh Luft

The Blackboard, Slated to be Wiped Clean, by Mark Lotto

The Girl in the Dress: Taylor Swift’s Endless Reign, by Daniel D’Addario

The IRS Should Be Your Last Worry. We Can Help., by Abe Sauer

The Late Great Planet Earth, by Robert Lanham

The Laws of a Year of Blessed Silence, by Richard Rushfield

The Next New World, by Maria Bustillos

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Compostable Bags, by Cord Jefferson

The Shake Of Things To Come, by Susie Cagle

The Tumblr at the End of the World, by Sady Doyle

The Ultimate Year, by Brent Cox

To the Class of 2011, by Mike Barthel

Wait For It, by Mike Riggs

Welcome to the Hipocalypse, by Erica Sackin

What We Mean When We Say “The End Of The World”, by Bethlehem Shoals

You Won’t Be the Same Person When You Wake Up Next Year, by Sunny Biswas

Photo by Nathan Siemers, from Flickr.