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Exactly Where and When to Be Useful in New York City Today

Blue = volunteer locations, green = dropoff locations.

Here's a pretty good summary of volunteer locations for today in and around New York City. From there and other sources, here's where to go.

GOWANUS Volunteers and donations are needed for the Gowanus Houses. Info and schedule here; volunteer sign-up form here.

RED HOOK Report to 402 Van Brunt starting at 10 a.m.

STATEN ISLAND Report to Christian Pentecostal Church, 900 Richmond Rd, corner of Ralph Pl, starting at 9 a.m.

ROCKAWAYS Cars and drivers needed and, it is stressed, people to do labor. Donations report to 443 Beach 54th starting at 8:30 a.m.

EVERYWHERE Report [...]


Gil Scott-Heron, "I'm New Here"

Wow wow wow! The title track to Gil Scott-Heron's latest album, I'm New Here, is incredible! The album came out a few months ago to rave reviews, and I'd heard some stuff that proved the once-great groove poet was back in strong form after years of horrible addiction and jail. (This was warm relief. I saw him in the mid-'90s, and he looked like a person who might not be living very much longer.) But I hadn't heard this one til the video came out yesterday. It's a cover of a Bill Callahan song. And while Callahan (a.k.a. Smog) is an old favorite of [...]


Voodoo Heals, D'Angelo Returns

"The religion is like a glue. We attract each other. If a drum is beating, and someone hears it, the next thing you know, this place is packed." —Brooklyn Voodoo priestess Marie Saintil talks to the BBC about how her religion has helped Haitians recover from last year's earthquake. Coincidentally, probably, the beloved and troubled singer D'Angelo played a concert in the Swedish capitol of Stockholm. It was his first performance in ten years. And he is apparently preparing a new album, which would be his first since 2000's Soulquarian masterpiece, Voodoo.


I've Become an Amazing Mom in the Six Hours I've Been Sober

From time to time we offer our space to normal, every-day people with opinions to share.

The bottles clinking in the bottom of the stroller, the shame of my own special sippy cups I'd sneak in the pumping booth at the office: it was all too much for me, so I stopped drinking six hours ago. Earlier today I was an alcoholic mom with a secret; now, I'm a proud mom in recovery, who's learned from her mistakes, with the help of my partner, Brechlin [not his real name], who threw me out of the house late last night but let me back in earlier this morning. I'm all better! [...]