What Lamar Odom Did

The retired basketball player tells his story of drugs and darkness

Image: MontyLov via Unsplash

I’m a millionaire. I’d made it out of Jamaica, Queens, and won two NBA titles. And I’m in a motel, with some random person, doing coke. But I just wanted to get high with this girl, and I had no other place to go. I couldn’t take her home. You know, I was being a scumbag. Nothing else I got for that. No excuses. No bullshit. That’s just the truth.

My dick and my habit took me down all the roads that you don’t ever wanna go down. A lot of great men are fools to that. Fools to that. There are probably a lot of young dudes out there who hear my story and think that it could never happen to them. That they’re untouchable.

Done in the Dark | By Lamar Odom

Not one thing about addiction stories is new. Not even the details, really. They are all the same. The only thing that changes is the people telling them and what they have to offer. Say what you will about The Players’ Tribune, but good stuff is good stuff no matter where you get it. And Lamar Odom in his own words is as good as it gets. Read the whole thing here.