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How Can Unions Win?

Kevin Bacon’s new video imploring millennials to raise their 80s awareness did not mention Billy Bragg’s 1986 song “There Is Power in a Union,” but the idea that there is any power in a union probably seems as remote to many millennials as parachute pants or the White Pages. Actually, this is probably true of anyone born after about 1965. It’s been a long time since we have thought that most workers can realistically be something other than lone and lonely individuals forced to accept whatever terms of employment they can find and hope not to get fired.

Strike for America: Chicago Teachers Against Austerity [...]

The Ugly-Beauty Of Brutalism

Prentice Women's Hospital in Chicago

Updating a cultural canon, in any form, is an endless battlefield due to our persistent tendencies, 1. to create ever more art and 2. to fail, just as rapidly, to agree on its value. Witness debates about revised editions of any literary anthology, or, say, the National Film Registry. At times worthy works receive just recognition; other times, age seems all that’s required to give mediocre works the gloss of historical grandeur. But let’s not get off track discussing Sex, Lies and Videotape vs. Forrest Gump. Rarely is the navigation of this question of aesthetic value more difficult and commercially charged than in architecture. After [...]


Rahm In! A Nation Shrugs

Despite tens of thousands of protestors, police with teargas and a total shutdown of the Internet by the government, Rahm Emanuel will ultimately end up on the Chicago mayoral ballot.


Total Dick Polling Great in Chicago Mayor Race

More data for the "celebrity is everything in modern life" bonfire: Rahm Emanuel is polling at 44% for next month's mayoral election in Chicago. This is after he got fully shamed by all the other candidates at a meeting with the Chicago Tribune editorial board. Emanuel is the only candidate that supports legislation that would make teachers unable to strike; he's also the only one who says he might push back the retirement age for city employees. He probably has some good qualities too! I mean, lots of us have sometimes benefitted from having mayors who are total dicks. Though he is, of course, a [...]


Rahm Emanuel's R-Wordgate Rocks Facebook, Blogs

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel allegedly referred to liberals as "fucking retarded." This caused great anguish to Sarah Palin, who noted that, "Just as we'd be appalled if any public figure of Rahm's stature ever used the 'N-word' or other such inappropriate language, Rahm's slur on all God's children with cognitive and developmental disabilities – and the people who love them – is unacceptable, and it's heartbreaking." (Palin herself has allegedly used "the R-word," although she has denied it.) A chastened Emmanuel apologized to any R-words he may have offended for his unflattering comparison to liberals. And now everything's okay again in America.


Inside Bill de Blasio's Shadowy Secret Stealth Transition Team

"Bill de Blasio has two transition teams. There's the public one, announced in late November. It's a diverse, 60-person assortment of nonprofit leaders, political types, educators, rabbis, Cynthia Nixon. More than half of its members are de Blasio donors. Then there's another team, a nonprofit group whose participation in the process has never been announced, but which has been playing a substantial role in organizing the transition."


Kinda Hot Crazy Dude In Charge of Chicago Now

Rahm Emanuel killed them in yesterday's election in Chicago, receiving more than twice the number of votes than the runner-up, Gery Chico, who has the name recognition of a smelly and obscure Asian fruit. (And more than six times the votes of Carol Moseley Braun, the only African-American woman to ever be elected to the U.S. Senate.) Now, Rahm will begin killin' em for real! I almost wish I lived in Chicago, taking your Ravenswood trains and going to, uh, the Loop I guess, on pretend business. Chicago is basically The Matrix, right? That's good, because Rahm is pretty much your Sims mayor.


Rahm Emanuel Back On Ballot, At Least Temporarily

"The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that Chicago ballots must include Rahm Emanuel's name, issuing a stay of a lower-court order that said he wasn't qualified to run for mayor." Also: "The court has not decided whether to hear Emanuel’s appeal of Monday’s Illinois Appellate Court ruling that tossed him out of the race to replace Mayor Daley. But the Supreme Court granted Emanuel’s motion for a stay of the ruling."


"If You Lived Here Your Life Would Be Filled With Tragedy By Now"

So some folks in Chicago are attempting to derail Rahm Emanuel's campaign for mayor of that city by challenging his residency. Emanuel testified before the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners today that " he left behind his family's 'most valuable possessions' at his Chicago home, showing he always intended to move back." But there are other problems.


Striking Teacher In Chicago Crosses Line

A spokesperson for Rahm Emanuel was forced to deny that the Chicago mayor "likes Nickelback."


A Guide to Topics Discussed and Ignored in Today's Election in Chicago




• "Starving people in Africa"

• Coffee and donuts in an airport

Jimmy John's

Bill Clinton

Jesse Jackson

Barack Obama

• A woman's own mind


Rahm Emanuel Tossed Off Chicago Mayoral Ballot

There'll be lots of swearing in Chicago today (or, you know, more so than usual, even given the Bears loss): "Rahm Emanuel was thrown off the ballot for mayor of Chicago today by an appellate court panel, a stunning blow to the fund-raising leader in the race. An appellate panel ruled 2-1 that Emanuel did not meet the residency standard to run for mayor." Emmanuel is expected to appeal to Illinois' Supreme Court.


List Needs More Pizzazz: Rahm For Mayor URLs

Oh come on, Patrick Gavin! Your list of Rahm Emanuel for Chicago mayor URLs leaves one wanting. RahmRahmIsraelforGettin'