"If You Lived Here Your Life Would Be Filled With Tragedy By Now"

So some folks in Chicago are attempting to derail Rahm Emanuel’s campaign for mayor of that city by challenging his residency. Emanuel testified before the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners today that “ he left behind his family’s ‘most valuable possessions’ at his Chicago home, showing he always intended to move back.” But there are other problems.

Part of the evidence being used in the residency challenge to Rahm Emanuel’s candidacy is a YouTube video displaying his home for sale.
The realtor’s tour-style video, which was put together for Real Estate Agent Charlotte Newberger, shows sweeping images of the Emanuel home at 4228 Hermitage Avenue set to wistful piano music.
Though the video is clearly labeled “Homes for Sale — 4228 Hermitage, Chicago, Il, 60613 — Charlotte Newberger,” Emanuel’s camp says there was a typo.

Not being an expert on municipal residency requirements in the Windy City, I have no idea one way or another whether the former Chief of Staff meets them. What is more interesting to me is the soundtrack to that the video made to show off the house. That is some sad, depressing Ordinary People shit right there. There might as well be a title card that says, “Buy this house and eventually everyone you love will die in it.” I do not understand real estate!