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What Not to Stream

Center Stage 2: Turn It Up

The Eleanor Roosevelt Story 

Music of the Heart

Chalet Girl

Eyes of an Angel

Without a Paddle

Sherri Shepherd: It's My Time to Talk

Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred

The Dark Side of the Sun

The Big Wedding

Slightly Single in L.A.


Cashew’s Diary

September 14

We start filming Monday. When I think about the mall pet store where I was born, my tiny jet black eyes fill with tears. I will never forget the day my mother—who was also born in a mall pet store, as was her mother before her—looked at me and said, “Cashew, I heard Netflix is going to start creating original, subscriber-only programming.” I said, “Mother, what an incredibly complex idea to get across with high-pitched squeaks,” and she said, “My beloved Cashew! All creatures intuitively understand the concept of high quality on-demand programming.” I promised one day I’d make her proud. Now that day has come.


Netflix Destroying American Film Nerd Dreams For $8 A Month

The other S C A N D A L of the week: What Netflix Does catalogues terrible Netflix aspect ratio zooming. Netflix swears that this doesn't happen, except they also swear that they stamp it out whenever they see it occurring, so it does.


A Ton of Long Things You Can Start Watching on Netflix Now!

Shut in? Cooped up? In for the long haul? Well start enjoying the TV while you still have power! Let's indulge together. UPDATED!

• The entire Brideshead Revisited. It is ELEVEN EPISODES LONG and it is so fantastic. Really, just so enjoyable. There's two whole episodes that take place on a pitching ocean liner! And the best gay sidekick in history.

• "Alias" season one. Did you somehow not watch "Alias," as I did not? Well finally, FINALLY, they released the early seasons to the wild. Everyone's telling me to stop halfway through season 2 but of course I will not. I will abandon the show on MY terms. Spoiler: [...]


43 Increasingly Precise Netflix Custom Genre Recommendations

43. Dysfunctional Family TV Dramas 42. Dark Biographical 20th Century Period Pieces 41. Classic Goofy Musicals 40. Critically-acclaimed Underdog Dramas 39. Suspenseful Spy Movies Based on Real Life 38. Quirky Crime TV Shows 37. Feel-good Opposites-Attract Movies 36. Revenge Movies 35. Gory Action & Adventure 34. Romantic Gay & Lesbian Coming-of-age Movies 33. Critically-acclaimed Nature & Ecology Documentaries 32. Gritty Conspiracy Movies 30. Controversial Courtroom Movies 31. Campy Prison Movies


The Internet is Netflix (Or, the Internet is TV)

Remember when Wired was telling us the "web" was dead or whatever? (When, in terms of volume delivered, it grew seven-fold between 2005 and 2010.) Well, frightening new development! Half of North America's web use (or "internet use"; we're being bad with terminology) is "real time entertainment." What's that mean? It means Netflix is 30% of all downstream traffic. (For comparison, YouTube is only 10%.) Now, don't panic: video is "bigger" than text, duh, so just because all internet traffic for pulling websites to you nifty computer is only 18% of total use, well, remember that websites are "smaller." But soon you will be getting your websites [...]


Netflix Is Devouring The Internet

Nextflix is eating up the Internet, but that seems a small price to pay to have Season 2 of "The IT Crowd" available for streaming any time I want.


Inexhaustible Trove of Largely Mediocre Video Content Less Cheap

Is anyone upset that Netflix is raising its prices by a dollar or two a month to increase its vast selection of movies that you only want to watch after your brain and its decision-making capacity has been thoroughly pummeled by rows and rows of direct-to-video Nicolas Cage thrillers and Starship Troopers sequels? No?


Freedom Achieved

"Netflix believes it has a powerful factor in its favor as it tries to change viewers’ habits. 'Human beings like control,' says Sarandos. 'To make all of America do the same thing at the same time is enormously inefficient, ridiculously expensive, and most of the time, not a very satisfying experience.' There is a freedom achieved when your options extend beyond that night’s offerings and the limited selection of past episodes that networks make available on demand." Netflix is on a mission to [...]


Man Troubled By Inability To Reach Large Audience On Twitter About Television Show

"Netflix made a bold move releasing the full season of House of Cards at midnight, but I think it's actually a bad one. I like watching shows all at once — when they're not brand new. Releasing 13 episodes at midnight is like a 'rush to the fish' — someone out there is going to watch the whole thing at once and ruin it for everyone. It's like Netflix painstakingly made a complex 13-course meal, meant to be enjoyed with friends and spirits over a long, lazy afternoon, but put each course in a chafing dish at Chipotle and served it in one giant burrito of sadness. [...]


This Must Mean Something: The Netflix Gap

"Barely Half of Americans Can Stream Netflix"


The Great Netflix Freakout

Everyone is losing their minds over Netflix's announcement that they'll split into two companies: one that does streaming (called "Netflix") and one that does DVDs, called… Qwikster? (This comes after last week's Netflix freakout, over changes to pricing which immediately sent its stock down 19%.)

Now everyone is making fun of CEO Reed Hastings on his own corporate blog. But not just there! Everyone is also making fun of them everywhere else for not securing the Qwikster Twitter account before announcing this new company, which is lackadaisically maintained by a madly inarticulate marijuana-loving gamer named Jason Castillo.


The Lowest Rated Movies in the Netflix Categories I'm Least Likely to Watch

CATEGORY: Feel-good + Sports Comedies 
FILM: Strike (also known as 7-10 Split) 
YEAR: 2007

 NETFLIX SUMMARY: "Realizing that his chances of becoming a movie star are increasingly slim, aspiring actor Ross Vegas turns his focus to bowling, and before long he's anointed as the PBA's newest rising star." HELPFUL USER REVIEW: "As a professional bowler, I admired the realism of this film portraying the sport that has given me so much over the years… The drama made me remember such sport classics as Hoosiers, Rocky 1,2 and 3, and of course, She's the Man." 
CATEGORY: Goofy + Buddies & Gal Pals 


For The Few Who Don't OWN The Complete Works Of Nic Cage

This exists: "Cageflix is the internet's leading Nicolas-Cage-centric, batch queue management tool for Netflix. It adds all availalable DVDs of Nicolas Cage movies to your Netflix queue. It adds as many Nicolas Cage DVDs as it can (or you specify) to the end of your Netflix DVD queue. Once you close your browser, Cageflix forgets you ever existed. If you feel paranoid, you can remove Cageflix's privleges from your account settings in Netflix. Cageflix only works with available DVDs. In order to not spew Nicolas Cage titles in your Instant, DVD, and Saved queues, Cageflix omits unavailable DVDs and titles only available instantly. Sorry, Vampire's Kiss fans."


Motive Questioned

"Is HBO Submitting 'True Detective' as a Drama Series at the Emmys to Teach Netflix a Lesson?"


Hello, Welcome To Blockbuster, May I Help You

I graduated high school in 1997 and I went to work at the Winn Dixie deli counter, which totally sucked. I was still living at home and that fall I enrolled at Tallahassee Community College. I was more unsure of my future than at any other point in my life before or since.

A friend from high school had recently been hired at Blockbuster, and he got me a job there too that fall. Blockbuster was a step up. Not only did we not have to handle foodstuffs, but we also got free video rentals—although we didn’t get health care, or vacation, or sick days.

But I cannot overstate the [...]


The Best Holiday Movies To Watch This Week, Proven By Video Clips

Zooey Deschanel, when she was blonde and kind of snarly! Will Ferrell in barely controlled hyper-idiotic hilarity. Bob Newhart! Christmas in New York City. An inexplicable subplot involving an independent publishing house specializing in children's board books. This movie has everything good about the holidays. A little entertainment enhancement goes a long way, too.


Opinions Netflix Has Formed About Me During My 3.2 Years As Its Customer


Finally, People Have Something To Complain About

"Across the Web, longtime Netflix users are saying that they feel betrayed by the company."


After 'Downton Abbey': 10 British Costume Dramas on Netflix Instant

10. Middlemarch