Watch "Crashing"

What To Watch During The Debate Tonight

It’s not the debate.

If you are somehow unable to do anything but watch television tonight I have a solution that will save you from the debate (if you have Netflix). It is the British series “Crashing,” which was created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who everyone is talking about right now because of her other show, “Fleabag.” She is pretty clearly a major talent who will shape a certain kind of comedy going forward. She is also a remarkably winning performer, but that is less noticeable here because of the strength of the ensemble. “Crashing” is about a group of people who live in a decommissioned (the British say “disused,” but of course they would) hospital in exchange for cheap rent. (This story about property guardians should give you more than enough background.)

There’s nothing groundbreaking or even innovative about the show; rather, the enjoyment comes from watching the characters make the same mistakes people their age have always made, but in our new era of diversity and trying economic times etc. I am not trying to make any great claims for the series as anything other than entertainment, but I will say this: There are six episodes that are approximately 22 minutes each. If you start watching at 9 P.M. you can get through the whole series and avoid both the debate and the postgame show completely and when it ends you will feel good about yourself rather than wanting to die. As entertainment, it’s worth the time. I am someone who has very little tolerance for anything that is supposed to be amusing these days, because everything feels fake and the little laughter you are able to expend is actually something your body puts out to keep you from remembering that what you actually want to do is weep. “Crashing” will keep you amused the whole way through, which might make it the only thing on your screen worth looking at. (Assuming you haven’t seen “Detectorists” yet.) Anyway, the important thing is that you not watch the debate tonight. I would also tell you to stay off Twitter but even you are not so stupid as to need that warning anymore. Good luck.