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Morrissey Book Finally Edited

"The U.S. release of Morrissey's long-anticipated Autobiography downplays the Smiths singer's two-year-long relationship with photographer Jake Owen Walters, according to WENN. When the book first hit shelves in the U.K. via Penguin Classics, one of the major revelations came via the anecdotes that detailed Moz's time spent with the man. Though the book didn't specify whether they were lovers, the author's fondness is quite clear. But the G.P. Putnam's Sons stateside release apparently does not include the photograph of Walters as a boy that the original contained. It also seems Walters' name has been removed from a story about a night out with Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde. WENN reports that [...]


Middle-Aged Morrissey Fans Ruining Everything

"It's the fortysomethings, mostly male, mostly white, who identified with Morrissey's tales of outsider woe a billion years ago, who are now running the country and controlling the nation's media, filtering experience through their eyes and returning it to us as news and policy briefings…. The oppressed have become the oppressors."


Old Man Drinks Tea

"You know what? I love Morrissey. And he has a point about Hitler, the British and tea." [Via]


Morrissey Happy

Here you will find a collection of pictures in which Steven Patrick Morrissey looks somewhat sanguine.


Who Is Actually Bringing Meat To A Morrissey Gig In The First Place?

"Ticket buyers who were entering Morrissey's gig at Middlesborough Town Hall last Friday (July 8) were searched in case they were carrying any meat products, according to reports."


Morrissey Has A Lot To Say

Morrissey is in agreement with his former bandmate Johnny Marr: British Prime Minister David Cameron is not allowed to like the Smiths. He also claims to have written 660 pages of a forthcoming memoir!


Morrissey Likes Bears, Dislikes Bear Hats

"There is no clever distinction in trapping and skinning bears for petty considerations based on vanity. Concern for all beings – human or animal – is a kindness and a goodness that springs from somewhere much deeper than Royal duty, and like it or not, the Guards wearing real fur reflects the human spirit at its lowest." -In a letter to the Times of London signed "Morrissey, Singer, Cheshire," singer Morrissey of Cheshire expresses dismay at the millinery sported by the Queen's Guards outside Buckingham Palace.


Man Encourages Morrissey To Keep Writing

"If he could get treatment for his addiction to alliteration and stop using phrases like 'for you and I', this prodigiously talented 'small boy of 52', as he described himself two years ago, could walk away with the Booker prize." —Terry Eagleton likes Morrissey.


Classic Morrissey

Publishers have always been cultural arbiters, and throughout publishing history they have used their power to harness the "classic" label—and its attendant packaging—to turn a profit. Bestowing classic status on a book has the effect of redefining a book’s history: sometimes prolonging its shelf life, sometimes uplifting it from the deep backlist. For some, this manhandling has eroded the potency of the word "classic" as a marker of timelessness, high aesthetics, or universality—words that are slippery and subject to intense debate.

Such is the case this week. The Brits have their knickers in a twist over the fact that Morrissey’s Autobiography was published today under the Penguin Classics [...]


For England's New Wave Songwriters, a Fond Goodbye To Musical Inspiration

"During her 11-year reign, Thatcher was the politician who British musicians (and a few non-Brits) of many stripes—ska, punk, rock, New Wave, folk, reggae, even electronic dance music—loved to hate. The vitriolic song titles alone—never mind the lyrics—left listeners in no doubt about the depth of loathing: The English Beat's 'Stand Down Margaret'; Heaven 17's '(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang'; Klaus Nomi's 'Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead'; The Specials' 'Ghost Town'; The Varukers' 'Thatcher's Fortress'; the Larks' 'Maggie Maggie Maggie (Out Out Out)'; Morrissey's 'Margaret on the Guillotine'; and Elvis Costello's 'Tramp the Dirt Down.'" —English music about loathed politicians has always been so much [...]


Old Man Wants Attention

"The singer Morrissey has continued to provoke in the Falklands row after his band played a concert in Argentina in T-shirts that shouted the words 'WE HATE WILLIAM AND KATE' around a wedding photo of the royal couple."


Dog Bites Sad Man

"Morrissey sustained hand and arm injuries recently after being attacked by a dog in England." I wonder if black is how he tastes on the inside. [Via]


Thirteen Songs Inspired By Serial Killers

Apart from being terrifying and horrific, serial killers are oddly fascinating. Why do we find ourselves so obsessed over them? Is it just the fear and revulsion, or is something else at play? And it's not just us. Songwriters are often inspired by serial killers. Here are thirteen songs with extremely sinister origins.


Dour Troubadour Expresses Dismay Over Impending Nuptials Between Harlequin and Chanteuse

"He swooned and sighed, 'Oh, left hand third finger, don't do it.' It was just so eloquent and poetic and like one of his songs." -There is NOTHING about this article that doesn't make me sad, and I'm sure it will give Awl pal Maura Johnston a continuing series of aneurysms, but here you go: Morrissey (yes, that one) has supposedly advised Russell Brand and Katy Perry against marrying. Also, Katy thinks Russ is too into Britpop. And a bunch of other stuff. At this point your best-case scenario for optimism is to hope that, like most of the stories in the British tabs, this is somehow made up.


Morrissey Sells More Than Bridget Jones And No You Did Not Step Into A Time Machine

"Morrissey's long awaited autobiography has beaten the new Bridget Jones novel to top the best sellers chart in its first week of sale."


The Highly Suspicious Tale Of Morrissey's Autobiography

Allegedly to be released Monday in the UK, allegedly from Penguin, allegedly from Penguin Classics, Morrissey's book has been disappeared, reportedly at his request, reportedly over a "content dispute." Yet there's no sign of it on Penguin's websites. There's no sign of it on Amazon's UK site. There were no galleys. Even though this is 72 hours before publication, no books had been shipped. This couldn't be fishier, and none of it makes a whit of sense. If there as a multi-million-pound book deal, as had been hinted at, surely we would know something about that—and surely they would have the rights to distribute the book they'd bought? ALL [...]


How Many Used Books Did Morrissey And His Elderly Female Accomplice Steal From The Strand?

"Morrissey, who was there alone, immediately rushed to her side and crouched on the ground to see if she was okay. She had just lost her bearings and was fine. He picked up her stray belongings and asked if he could get her some water or call for help. She declined and collected her things and moved on. But my friend said she touched Morrissey’s cheek in gratitude! Obviously, she didn’t know who he was, just was touched by this act of kindness from a nice British man… He seemed very shaken up and flustered by the incident and left the store soon afterwards without buying anything." —An anonymous [...]


How Morrissey Ended Ugliness

"The thing to be in 1983 is handsome."


Three New Morrissey Tracks

Morrissey's last album, 2009's "Years of Refusal," was so much better than it had to be—with at least three tracks that were actually terrific, A+ Morrissey material, and at least three more that were solidly really good. So the advance from his new album (which does not yet have a label??) is disappointing—he played three songs live on BBC Radio 2 last night and they were not so enjoyable! (Despite each of them having pretty terrific Morrissey titles.) Above is "The Kid's a Looker," the one I like best. Perhaps these songs will be formulated, in their final versions, into wonderfulness?


A Million Redondo Beach Sardines Are Gone Gone

Late afternoon, what is that smell? We just had the quarrel that sent you away. I was looking for you, are you gone gone?