The Highly Suspicious Tale Of Morrissey's Autobiography

Allegedly to be released Monday in the UK, allegedly from Penguin, allegedly from Penguin Classics, Morrissey’s book has been disappeared, reportedly at his request, reportedly over a “content dispute.” Yet there’s no sign of it on Penguin’s websites. There’s no sign of it on Amazon’s UK site. There were no galleys. Even though this is 72 hours before publication, no books had been shipped. This couldn’t be fishier, and none of it makes a whit of sense. If there as a multi-million-pound book deal, as had been hinted at, surely we would know something about that — and surely they would have the rights to distribute the book they’d bought? ALL VERY FISHY. Even for someone as… complicated as our hero Morrissey. I mean: “Penguin has refused to confirm or deny that the book was due to be published, or even the existence of the reported deal with the singer.” HUH?