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Where Do Rats Go When They Die?

When rats die, they go to rat heaven or rat hell. The terminal stations in human afterlives do not have physical locations but do have common physical associations; in the rat afterlife, these associations are both based in reality and inverted. Rat heaven is below, in the subway muck. Rat hell is above, in the nest of a hawk.

Here is something I had not considered: That in Manhattan, and probably Queens and Brooklyn and the Bronx, live hawks. Hawks in windows and hawks on roofs. Big hawks, abducting rodents and laying eggs. This week, hatching them! Nor had I imagined the existence of a network of websites and [...]


Video Premiere: Eleanor Friedberger's "Heaven"

Eleanor Friedberger's delicious album "Last Summer" now has a video for the song "Heaven," directed by Scott Jacobson. Hooray! Please to enjoy. (It's very gorgeous: put on your headphones and go full-screen with me!)

In other Eleanor news: she is guest-starring on the Portlandia Live tour, beginning February 19th in Philly. But before that, she's doing her very own West Coast tour, starting February 2nd, wending her way north from San Diego to Seattle. (More info here, and yes, that includes SF and Portland.)

Hey, while we are here: would you like to download her live EP, for free, simply in exchange for going on [...]


Finally, Someone Explains What Art Basel Was All About!

You know, I read all the reviews of Art Basel Miami, and I didn't link to any of them, because they bored me. Finally, late-breaking, here is an account of the art fair that I actually enjoyed reading! "It all began when some friends took me to a party where I ultimately met a very well-known German artist. Aside from the fact he was three times my age-and weight-there was something very seductive about being force-fed bumps, champagne, and chocolate. The German artist asked me if I wanted to come to his hotel room for a nightcap, and even though my vision was blurred-in this case that was a [...]


Tiger Heaven Racist

"'Mantecore' left us and is now with his siblings in White Tiger heaven."


Questions About Heaven

Do you believe in heaven? Will you “make it” up there, one day? Looking down on your loved ones for all of eternity? Do you think looking down on your loved ones for all of eternity sounds like heaven? Does it sound pleasurable? Being able to see what your kids, relatives and friends are up to and not being able to do anything about it? Except for maybe sending them a sign? Do you really believe you could send a “sign” that one of them would understand? Wouldn’t be too cryptic?

Don’t you think that if everyone in heaven could send a sign to someone on earth, it [...]


Accounts of Heaven Severely Contradictory

Where do you go if you want the traffics and the attention? Straight into the bosom of Jesus! The New Yorker today publishes (subscription-only!) a profile of Lynn Vincent, the best-selling bookwriter that you don't know. She wrote Heaven is Real (oh actually called HEAVEN IS FOR REAL), which has sold more than seven million copies. (And also Sarah Palin's book!) That is eerie, because the cover of Newsweek this week is also headlined "Heaven Is Real." That is some world-class SEO trolling, Tina Brown's Newsweek. But the problem is, the story told in Newsweek by a doctor about going to heaven and coming back does not match up [...]


The Patti Smith Pratt Commencement Speech

If you read about Pratt's commencement throw-down in the New Yorker, you may enjoy this video of the divine Patti Smith's speech that day on the importance of dental care. There's a few more videos online of her musical performance that day too.