Accounts of Heaven Severely Contradictory

Where do you go if you want the traffics and the attention? Straight into the bosom of Jesus! The New Yorker today publishes (subscription-only!) a profile of Lynn Vincent, the best-selling bookwriter that you don’t know. She wrote Heaven is Real (oh actually called HEAVEN IS FOR REAL), which has sold more than seven million copies. (And also Sarah Palin’s book!) That is eerie, because the cover of Newsweek this week is also headlined “Heaven Is Real.” That is some world-class SEO trolling, Tina Brown’s Newsweek. But the problem is, the story told in Newsweek by a doctor about going to heaven and coming back does not match up at all to the story told in the book Heaven Is For Real. In Newsweek the magazine, heaven is all clouds and nice voices. Also you ride with hot chicks in “peasant” clothing on the wings of butterflies. (Not kidding, that’s what the Newsweek says.) There are winged angels. But in the popular factual best-seller Heaven Is Real, well, everyone gets wings.

The obvious answer is that these two people who died and came back went to two different heavens.