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How Should A Game Be?

Just like every year for at least the past half-decade, 2013 was the GREATEST YEAR EVER for games: the graphics more realistic, the worlds bigger, the narratives more cinematic. Bioshock Infinite and Grand Theft Auto V, the year's two highest-profile releases, won near-universal acclaim from the major games reviewers, and no wonder: with their intricately-detailed worlds and epic, violent stories full of tortured characters and twisting plots, they perfectly fulfilled the current standards for Quality Games.

But for perhaps the first time, much of the criticism these so-called AAA games inevitably received came not from the usual arbiters of moral decay, but from dedicated, engaged gamers. Bioshock was [...]


"Bet Raise Fold": How To Make A Modern Poker Doc

The documentary Bet Raise Fold tells the story of three online poker players, the companies who make online poker possible, and online poker's Black Friday—the day in 2011 that the government seized the domains and froze the bank accounts of three of the largest online poker operations.

The movie's genesis is wholly of the modern day too. This is an independently produced and distributed documentary, funded by a group of 12 online poker players. No big studios were involved. The production spanned three years. Distribution is being supported by direct-to-consumer distribution platform VHX. A Kickstarter campaign provided the funds for music [...]