The Seventeen Remaining Pokemon Go Headlines

It’s not about being proud of your career, it’s about winning the afternoon.

Traffic is traffic.

Pokemon Go! It’s the new phenomenon everyone’s talking about. And we do mean everyone! In fact, SEO technologists predict that by 5PM Eastern Standard Time each possible permutation of Pokemon Go pageview grab will have already been posted and socialed out on all popular platforms. Will you manage to file yours in time? Here’s what’s left. Hurry up before they’re gone! You’ve gotta post them all!

“After Pokemon Go Nothing Will Ever Be The Same”

‘How Pokemon Go Explains Brexit”

“Pokemon Go Threatens Our Most Endangered Species”

“Does This Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Show The Earliest Version Of Pokemon Go?”

“What Does Pokemon Go Mean For The Next Generation of iPhones?”

“Pokemon Go Gave Me Herpes”

“Will The G.O.P. Add A Plank Condemning Pokemon Go To Its Platform?”

“Pokemon Go Is Everything That Is Wrong With Late Capitalism”

“Why Can’t We Make A Pokemon Go For Literature?”

“I Found Jesus Playing Pokemon Go”

“Pokemon Go Is The ‘Hamilton’ Of Augmented Reality Games”

“Pokemon Go Is Making Your Kids Stupid”

“Pokemon Go And The Jewish Problem”

“Taylor, Tom and Pokemon Go”

‘Pokemon Go Is Making Your Kids Smarter” (NB: Slate only)

“How Pokemon Go Made Me Do Incest With My Dad”

“Pokemon Whoa”