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I'm Not Going To Coachella This Year

I'm not going to Coachella this year. Since 1999, the music festival has been raging each year in the dusty Empire Polo Club of Indio, California. Each year I mildly look forward to the announcement of the line-up. What bands that I don't really care about will be named the "headliners"? What bands that I mildly like will be in much smaller type, in a strange order, that makes no sense based on either record sales or fan base or any other metric. Ooh, I'll think, finally, a festival where I can see both Mogwai and Girl Talk and Laura Mvula and maybe a flashback performance of the Jon Spencer [...]


Things People Do In New York City Today

There are events to do in New York City. Lunchtime fun at the Bryant Park Reading Room with Jami Attenberg and Fiona Maazel; dinnertime fun with Susan Orlean and Randy Cohen at the 92Y. Plus Will Leitch's chatfest at Housing Works about Jeremy Lin and Neil Gaiman at Symphony Space. And another free Laurie Anderson show down in Rockefeller Park. And more.


So Now You're Locked Inside Together

School cancelled tomorrow *commits suicide*

— Rumaan Alam (@Rumaan) October 30, 2012

If you're a lucky New York City resident and you live in Brooklyn or north of Penn Station, you have power and TV. If you're unlucky, you don't have power, and everyone is getting petulant. If you're way less lucky, there's a tree through your living room and your basement is full of water, and I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope your cats are okay. Let me know if I can help!

So now we know it'll be "days and days" until there is a subway again. Because it is filled with water [...]


Also the Weather Report Is Excellent

Umpteen things to do today, for real. (iTunes)


Tonight at Housing Works: Nerds About Songs and Feelings!

Tonight at Housing Works, it's a fun event/panel/thing, in honor of the tenth anniversary of Fluxblog. Lots of folks will share a song and talk about their feelings!


All Around Town This Weekend!



Cafe Grumpy v. Magnolia Bakery



Russian Sky Explosion Maximum Power

In Chelyabinsk the men are tough. So tough there is a meme among Russians depicting the tough men from Chelyabinsk acting out their audacious toughness: shouldering a dead horse through a peat bog, using a chainsaw to shave, having sex with a giant scorpion. When the meteor 60-feet-wide and weighing more than the Eiffel Tower shot towards Chelyabinsk at 41,000 miles-per-hour and burst into a fireball brighter than the sun, the tough men of Chelyabinsk looked up at the sky and cursed quietly. When the fireball exploded 14 miles above Chelyabinsk it did so with a force 30 times that of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The subsequent shockwave [...]


Places You Can Protest The Devastation Of Capitalism Today! :)

According to the classic rock radio station I was listening to in the car this morning, DON'T DRIVE INTO NEW YORK CITY TODAY, oh yes, OCCUPY WALL STREET WILL BE DESTROYING MANHATTAN. If only!

That being said, Occupy and friends have a nice calendar of events for the day.

• 11 a.m. "Free University" in Cooper Square, outside the sad, sad hulk of Cooper Union, which was recently destroyed by capitalism.

• 1 p.m. "Anti-capitalist march" from Tompkins Square Park (of course).

• 4 p.m. Rally in Union Square. (This event has permits.)

• 7 p.m. A people's assembly in Foley Square.

There's much, much more going [...]


Only 7 More Shopping Days Until the Olympics Are Over

It's pretty terrible that there are all these people competing majestically, all for my entertainment, that is then delivered into my home for free, and then I will complain about it. (iTunes)


International Day of Mourning

Gore Vidal is dead, why do anything. (iTunes)


An Abbreviated Guide to NYC Events This Weekend

Well, what's to say.


An Array of Events It's Hard to Get Stoked About

It's one of those nights in NYC where there's a bunch of kinda cool things you could do but you'll probably end up just going home and like, puttering. (iTunes)


Everything to Do in NYC This Weekend in Two Minutes

Or you could stay home and do nothing, which I heartily recommend. (iTunes.)


Jonathan Franzen And Clay Shirky Fight Over Their Girlfriend, The Internet

The event wasn’t supposed to be some run of the mill afternoon of discourse. It was anticipated like an Ali-Frazier bout of verbal sparring, and it featured two thinkers with polarized views about my favorite subject: whether technology is good for the culture.

In one corner of this New Yorker festival production was best-selling novelist and maybe-lovable curmudgeon Jonathan Franzen. He was there to represent a starchy, Luddite view. Franzen is the author of million-selling The Corrections and Freedom (and two other novels!) but others know him best as the man who defied Oprah. In the other corner was media and technology theorist Clay Shirky. Shirky is the only [...]


17 Things To Do This Weekend That Are Not In Your House

Got anything else? Let us know. Enjoy the great outdoors. (Bostonians, we hope they let you outside soon.)


You Can't Beat Them This Weekend So Go On

No seriously, this is happening. Stay in your homes! Nothing to see! (iTunes)


The Olympic Bloat

I'm winning gold in laying in bed eating in front of the TV. (iTunes)


Also It Is Like 20 Degrees Cooler Today

"Dark Knight Rises" opens, soukous at MoMA, Neil deGrasse Tyson at the planetarium, and a great day for the tabloids—with a semi-dramatic reading of today's amazing Andrea Peyser column. (iTunes)


Burn You Alive Like a Hurricane

The world is closing in! (iTunes)