Places You Can Protest The Devastation Of Capitalism Today! :)

According to the classic rock radio station I was listening to in the car this morning, DON’T DRIVE INTO NEW YORK CITY TODAY, oh yes, OCCUPY WALL STREET WILL BE DESTROYING MANHATTAN. If only!

That being said, Occupy and friends have a nice calendar of events for the day.

• 11 a.m. “Free University” in Cooper Square, outside the sad, sad hulk of Cooper Union, which was recently destroyed by capitalism.

• 1 p.m. “Anti-capitalist march” from Tompkins Square Park (of course).

• 4 p.m. Rally in Union Square. (This event has permits.)

• 7 p.m. A people’s assembly in Foley Square.

There’s much, much more going on today; some of it may be to your liking.