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January Without Alcohol: Two Thirsty People Explain

Each new year, many Americans decide to turn over a new leaf. Gym memberships explode; diets are undertaken. The Whole Foods lays out the maple syrup and cayenne pepper, so a "master cleanse" can be undertaken. (Ugh.) Twelve-step programs and yoga centers see a surge in new members. And others embrace Drynuary: a month without alcohol. Here, midway through the month, two people assess what 19 days without booze has meant to them—with 12 more to go.

John Ore: So, Jolie, how's your Drynuary going so far?

Jolie Kerr: Well! By which I mean NOT AT ALL WELL. Sobriety is excruciating. Why are we doing this?

John: THINK [...]


How To Drink Four Loko (Sort of) Responsibly

Over the past month, college campuses have started to ban or otherwise reduce availability of the increasingly popular Four Loko. The combination stimulant and depressant has led to hospitalizations amongst college-aged binge drinkers. But for mature fun-seekers, the drink isn't just for rappers any more: it can be a cost-effective way to feel the euphoric effects of far more expensive drugs in the midst of this Great Recession.


So Daddy Drinks A Little. So What?

Q. "I'm an alcoholic. Help me feel comfortable with my alcohol intake. On average, I figure I consume about 25 units of alcohol per week. I can remember the last day I didn't have a drink. It was six months ago and I was on antibiotics…. Is it reasonable to keep drinking like this given that I'm productive and it makes me happy"?

A. ?

(Photo by Simon Pearson.)


Getting Vomited On Is A Total Upgrade For Some Residents Of California Beach Town

"You people are stupid. I remember Pier 52 and the End Zone, Hermosa used to be a scary place. The youth hostel used to be known as the heroin hotel. Hermosa has cleaned up so much over the last few decades, let the people have their fun. I've grown up in Hermosa, live in Hermosa, and think it's a great place. If you don't want to drink on the beach, don't. If you don't want to get puked on, don't go to the Ironman. Hermosa is a mellow fun-loving town, leave it that way! If you want to talk about investments, money you don't have, or how great you [...]


Dear Todd And Chris

Dear Todd and Chris,

Sorry for spilling grain punch all over the box of "Calvin and Hobbes" T-shirts you were hoping to sell.


Dear Owner of the White House At the Corner of Northvale and Southvale Avenues in Little Silver, New Jersey

Dear owner of the white house at the corner of Northvale and Southvale Avenues in Little Silver, New Jersey,

I'm sorry for throwing rocks at your house.


Public Apology: Dear Guy In The Spiked Leather Jacket

Dear guy in the spiked leather jacket,

I'm sorry if my face hurt your fist.


Tonight! You're Invited! Boston Awl Readers to Drink, Possibly Mate

Drinks are on you tonight in Boston, the town where the drinks are always on you! The Boston Bawl v.2.0—a casual holiday party thrown by Awl readers for Awl readers—is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. tonight, at the Green Street Grill (in their downstairs bar), which is located, unsurprisingly, at 280 Green Street, Cambridge, Mass. Questions? Talk to your cohosts, Garge and BoyOfDestiny.


Dear Joel

Dear Joel,

Sorry for stinking.

You were seven years old at the time, which was December 19th, 1991. I remember because I had just turned 21. The day before, as a matter of fact. You were in the first grade at a school for emotionally disturbed children in New Jersey, where I worked, as an assistant to your teacher, Suzanne.


On Discovering That the Kids Have Drunk Nearly All the Scotch

Good Lord.

The kids have drunk all the Scotch!

Or was it us, and I just didn't realize?

… I don't even know anybody who drinks Scotch.

Except the kids, apparently!


The Washington DC Bawl for Awl

The place: Washington, D.C. More specifically: on the green and yellow lines! The date to save: Next Wednesday, June 30th. Details on next week's Washington DC Awl Commenter Sing-a-long and Drink-a-thon follow in the comments. (ALSO what happened last night in Boston, eh?)


What To Drink When The Weather Gets Warm

Summer: it turns me upside down. Summer, summer, summer: it's like a merry-go-round. It was true for Ric Ocasek many years ago and it's true for the rest of us today, because Monday is Memorial Day, so here comes summer!

"Summering. Drinking. Summering and drinking. For the prep, the two words are synonymous from Memorial Day to Labor Day." -Tipsy in Madras

Summer drinking is a fantastically elaborate endeavor among the set that uses "summer" as a verb-there are drinks you drink at the club (Southsides), drinks you drink while getting ready for Saturday evening charity balls (known as "dressers," they can be whatever you fancy, [...]


Half Baked: Guacamole by the Ceviche Method

This, the first of two recipes we will provide for you for this weekend's festivities, is even easier than you think! Yes you can! USA, USA!

Even if you don't like football, and have not watched a single match this season, America demands that you will gather with friends on Sunday and drink beer and watch a game. If only to see the commercials. Really, it's the least you can do. The advertising agency spends the whole year selflessly making all our lives better. This is their big night. They've spent so much money-$2.6 million for every 30 seconds, more than they've ever spent before-that you owe it [...]


Be Careful Not To Get Not Drunk Enough This Weekend

Ever hear someone in a bar blab on about how drunk people are more likely to survive car accidents or falls down stairs or something because when you're drunk your body is all loose and flexible? Apparently, as Scientific American's Rachel Kremens reports, there might be something to the idea. "Research published in the journal American Surgeon reveals that trauma patients are more likely to survive if they were intoxicated at the time of their injury."


Syl Johnson To Celebrate Hanukkah In New Jersey With Yo La Tengo

In what at first seems like the oddest of pairings, but then starts to make a perfect type of record-collector-geek sense when you think about it a minute, the great and recently rediscovered Chicago soul master Syl Johnson will play a special Hanukkah concert with the wonderful indie-rock heroes Yo La Tengo on Saturday at Maxwell's in Hoboken, which is kind of like Yo La Tengo's basement.


Dear Woman Who Lived Up On The Hill Near The Lighthouse

Dear woman who lived up on the hill near the lighthouse,

Sorry for stealing the head of that Greek statue from your lawn.


Paul Dano Pretends To Not Know Why People Buy Him Milkshakes

There are four words-and, of course, the accompanying slurping sound-that will dog Paul Dano for the rest of his life: "I drink your milkshake!" That phrase, spat at him by Daniel Day-Lewis in the modern classic There Will Be Blood, remains wedged into our collective unconscious. Why, then, does the actor who played the owner of the hypothetical milkshake feign surprise when offered these tasty beverages for free?


Mike's Says Please "Ice a Bro" with Us!

Hey there, are you a Bro! That's awesome! Are you a Bro who enjoys the game of "Icing" your other Bros? That is really great! We would like to introduce you to a totally rad beverage with which to "ice" your Bros in an exciting new way: Mike's Hard Lemonade®!


Would You Trust 7-Eleven To Make Your Beer?

This month, the ever-metastasizing convenience-store chain 7-Eleven will roll out an in-house beer called "Game Day." This is actually the second time that 7-Eleven has tried to market a beer to go along with its sausage-shaped foodstuffs — in 2003, 7-Eleven tried to launch the Corona-"inspired" beer Santiago de Oro. But it flopped. So what's different now?


Knifecrime Island Also Land of Drink Death

Knifecrime Island and its attendant Stabby and Drinky Provinces are together now beating France, Spain and Italy in cirrhosis deaths.